Saturday, November 24, 2007

Luggage Tags

We made luggage tags at our annual guild event. It is a make and take evening. The tags we made were the size of the ones pictured but all personal information was exposed. I adapted the pattern so the info would be on the inside. Here are two of them closed.... Here they are opened. A business card fits in the clear vinyl pouch.
Can you guess which one is mine and which one is DH's???
Here it is completely the outside.
This is a closeup of the inside.
Fun, fast, easy and I only needed to throw away 2 prototypes. Of course, after that it took three more "not so good looking" tags to get the pattern down right. But, I'm there now.


Susan said...

Those are so practical, and so cute!

Norma said...

With that fellow looking after your luggage, you are shure to never loose track of it! LOL I love those tags!

MOLLY said...

Love that tag!

Cheryl M. said...

great idea, I like your luggage tags. Would you mind sharing where I can get the pattern. It puts a special touch to luggage that seems to look all alike on the airport luggage belt.


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