Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gosh & golly

I've been busy! I'm getting ready for a big party at school and the details are killing me. Plus, I always need to reinvent the wheel. I make myself crazy!

On the cold guys need not worry! We rarely turn our heat on. Usually I spend such a short time in the house that it doesn't seem worth the energy used. Sleeping, you're under blankets (actually, I've found myself on top of the blankets the last few nights) and the rest of the time ....put on a sweater! My in laws live in Ohio and keep their heat at 65 or so. Besides, by the time the furnace gets reved up, the weather has changed and it's time to go back to air conditioning!!!

I can't sew too much for the next few days because I'm overwhelmed with "stuff." but love reading what all of you are doing and working on. Just think, by next Friday, my whirlwind of activity will be over.....AH!

1 comment:

Susan said...

The next little while will be busy! But sewing time will be coming! Just think of the time off that's waiting in the wings.


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