Sunday, November 04, 2007

Curby and I

I thought I might post a picture of the almost new me. It isn't the most attractive of my face ( I hope!) but shows off the bod! I don't normally have my picture taken with a trash can......Curby, the robot trashcan, came to our school to talk about recycling. He joined us for our weekly shabbat celebration....It's such a blast. He dances while we sing songs and joins in on the prayers....very cute. Other than the fact that my "still hanging in there belly" is doing it's job and hanging over my pants, it is a good profile shot. At least it is one that I'm not toooooo ashamed of....Dh said it adds pounds....Hmmmm....think he might be trying to earn brownie points??

Thank you so much for all the suggestions on how to finish my table runners. Although I've tried to avoid using paint, I may just do that. Quilt the table runner and then add a thin, very thin, bead of paint around the edges. If I use a matching color, it shouldn't be too noticable.
On the quilting front. I've been doing just that. Well, piecing that is! I'm so thrilled to be productive in the sewing room again. I'm not burning up the thread or anything, but I've been the little engine that could. I do a little and a little more. So much better than just thinking about it.
Wow! Two posts in as many days.....Bloglines will think I'm ill......


Elaine Adair said...

I've not visited your blog home page for some time, and note that your sliding scale has slid off MORE to the right - getting close to the end! You have incredible staying power. I admire your strength - excellent work, quilt-y girl!

Susan said...

You are looking wonderful, and I see that more pounds are coming off! You are going so much more consistently than I! Congratulations!

atet said...

You look great! Love the table runners as well -- I'm going to say the paint is probably the best option, though you could try couching some yarn around the outer edges and avoide hitting the appliques.


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