Saturday, November 24, 2007

Oh Bother! Quilt Happenings! Pay it Forward!


I've been trying to get this %**&%$ weight off and can't! I go up a lb. down a lb. but never under 165. URH! How can I go to Ohio in Dec. and eat Pizza Oven PIZZA AND CHICKEN if I don't at least lose 5 more lbs!?!?!? Bother, Bother, BOTHER! I exercise, eat sensible.....Thanksgiving didn't blow the diet out of the water.....BOTHER! I exercise at the gym a minimum of 4 days a week (it's actually more like 5 days), dance 3 nights a week,+ regular life. You'd think with the size of my backside & the amount of physical activity that the weight would be hittin' the floor behind me!


I've been sewing! YEe Ha! I'm busting stash. Well, my luggage tags aren't that big so stash busting wouldn't be an accurate term. More like stash tickling. But off the shelf and in a project is off the shelf and in a project. These luggage tags are great for hanging on sewing machines, notions boxes (we all have the same tool boxes to carry our supplies. Sometimes it gets confusing), backpacks. They are too easy and too cute. I need to go to Joanns today to get some notions. The biggest problem I will have is NOT buying some cute male type conversation prints. I can do this.


I have accepted the challenge from Ms. ATET of Quilting in Cornfields. Sure I'm a little slower to take up this challenge then others but I finally have a good PIF project. Here is how it works. The first 3 to post a comment and express an interest in PIF will receive a homemade gift from me. More specifically, a luggage tag. I promise to have them made and mailed in the next 90 days. (But in case you ask...noone gets the naked cowboy tag! He's all mine!) There is only one catch , You have to continue to Pay It Forward by offering the same deal on your own blog.


Sweet P said...

I'd love one of your luggage tags and I don't need the sexy man. I have my own sexy men fabric. I'll offer PIF on my blog tomorrow.

As for the weight keep up the good work and be patient.

Susan said...

I wish I hadn't done this before - I love your luggage tags! Time is an issue right now.

I'm so sorry that darned weight won't drop off. I agree with you, it seems that it should with all the activity you do.


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