Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Answer & Finished Projects

The answer to my help question is ....I can't directly post my tutorial as it is way too large of a file. I can't email it because my server says it's too big. So, I am going to post it directly to blogger in two installments. I'll get there, I'll get there....

I made 6 one yard grocery bags! That's 6 yards out the door! The pattern is a free one from Lazy Girl Designs. My girls, believe it or not, agreed to use these bags despite the ugly fabric! They said they would take as many bags as I want to make no matter WHAT fabric it is! WOW! I'm about to use up bunches of ugly, old calicos that I'll never use anywhere else.

On the minus side, if I know my girls, these bags will get lost in the trunk, under things and generally destroyed! Some things don't change no matter how old they get!

I used to be in a nickel exchange group on yahoo. I have badillions of 5" squares. I really don't like florals. So, I grabbed a bunch of florals and made sets of coasters. I used an old ironing board pad in place of batting. At 6 -5" squares per coaster I used up 72 squares! That is right around 1.25 yards! Plus the ironing board pad that I've had for years!!!

There is more but I can't post it all in one post! I have to have something to say tomorrow!!!!

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paula, the quilter said...

Or you can do what I did in this post. I turn my Word Docs into a pdf file (thanks to a free trial version from and then post it on my free Google webpage. HTH


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