Sunday, May 11, 2008

Stashbusting aka "de-UFOing"

I am so thrilled and getting in JUST under the wire. I met my weekly goal! WHOO HOOO! I bound both quilts that needed binding. I finally, finally finished Mrs. S's anniversary quilt. Because I just finished it a few minutes ago, there are no pictures. You;ll just need to check back. I do however have photos of a lap quilt that has been a UFO for ....oh.....2, maybe 3 years.

Sometime, at least 3-4 years ago, a few friends and I went to Laredo to these fabric stores that sold seconds for about $1/yd and scraps, or should I say chunks, by the pound. They had a bin at least 10 feet long mounded with chunks of fabric. Needless to say we bought oodles and oodles of fabric. We fell in love with this Mary Engelbreight fabric. We all bought a bit but I bought a ton! The next time I went back, I bought even more. I finally finished up the last of it...well, not quite true, I threw away the leftover scraps because I couldn't' stand to look at it anymore. I made 4 Yellow Brick Road lap quilts (Atkinson Designs) both front and back from the fabric. (Oh and binding on all but one) YBR lap quilts are very big. The yardage on the package is 8 yards per quilt including backing and binding. So let's figure 8 yards X 4 quilts.....that was 32 yards of the same fabric that I had and used! No wonder I threw away the scraps!!! I WAS SICK OF LOOKING AT IT! (not only that, it wasn't the highest quality to begin with)

I'm showing two of the ME quilts I have left. The one has been finished for 2 years waiting for the other to be completed. (More on that one later in the week)

This is the one that has been in the closet for 2 years....The front and .......

......the back. We also bought these panels. I used them in the backings

Here is a closeup of the back panel

This is the one I just finished. I was finally out of fabric so I used the bits and pieces for the backing. I also used up all the panels I had left. I had to use Kona Cotton for the binding! I was thrilled! You have no idea how sick I am of these quilts. They have been over my head for years now and not only are all of the quilts finished, all of the fabric is gone!

I did forget to log a few purchases here and there but my totals to date, although in the positive instead of the negative make me happy. Not only have I used up fabric, I've completed 7 UFO's with 3 of them being lap to queen personal quilts and 2 lap sized charity quilts. I have bought 99 yards of fabric and used 65 for a gain of 34yards. I'm not sad, mad or worried. I'm thrilled!!!!! 7 UFO's out the door. I bought 1 fat quarter this week but used a gift certificate to do so. No biggie!


Vicky said...

Way to go, Morah! Your happy post made me smile!! Great job!

Lori in South Dakota said...

Seven UFO's finished really makes a dent!! Congratulations!

PS--love the ME fabric--the panels on the back are cute.

swooze said...

Bloom Where You Are Planted. That is my favorite saying. Lovely work. Congrats on all the finishes.

Suze said...

Finishing old projects is almost as much fun as starting new ones.

KathySWFL said...

Congrats on finishing an older project. Lately I have been digging around and finding a few things that I want to finish.


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