Thursday, May 08, 2008

A week is just a week....& yet.....

This has been a long week. One of our Mah Jongg ladies mom died. She was 98, lived independent, played bridge, volunteered and generally was active. She went downhill in about 1 1/2 weeks. So sad. But on the positive side....My friend is in her 60's. Imagine having lived your entire life with your mom by your side. How fortunate! What an incredible gift she had for nearly her entire life.
I was supposed to have some tests done on Friday but have postponed them. DH came home from the doctor and said that he had to have a test next week. On the scale of "uhhoh, this may be a biggy," DH's test trumps mine so I've postponed for a bit. {{{sigh, sigh}}} If only our bodies could get older without aging! Now there's logic for ya'.
...and on a totally unrelated note......what is it about DH that causes him to completely ignore my daily reminders to buy his mom a Mother's Day card...and mail it. So, last night with the dramatic palm crashing against his forehead he proclaims, "Darn! I forgot to get a card!"Well DUH! As at Passover, Mah Nishtana! Why is today any different?! Or in this case, why is this years Mothers Day any different? (I shoulda just cut out the middle man and done it myself last week!! ) So this morning, THIS MORNING he says to ME,
"uhhhh, you are going to order my mom flowers today right." HMPH! Is she my mom? I think not! Love her? Yes. Respect her, ect. ect..? Yes. But not my mom! There are a few things I draw the line at. One is ,although she is my MIL and I love her and all, she is DH's mom and this is the one time of the year he needs to do the legwork. The other is I do not send my dad's wife a moms day card ....she is not my mom either! So, in addition to whatever else is going on today, I now have the job to remember to order flowers, it's become my responsibility. ....uhmm... again! If he'd have just asked me earlier in the week it would have already been done. But no, he had to pretend that he was going to actually do this this year......sigh and LOL! Like I really and truly expected anything different!'s a good thing I'm feeling sorry for him being worried about his test next week or I'd have a few things to say!


Anonymous said...

I hear ya about the MIL thing. My DH has gotten better at taking care of his side of the family, only though after I refused to do it.

I look forward to seeing you Quilt for a hour project

Karen L

floribunda said...

yeah, my DH did manage to remember to buy a card either. if I nag him a bit, he'll remember to call! Congratulations on getting yours to actually go to the doctor, though! mine hasn't been for 7 years and at 57 I think it's about time for some routine checkups! oh well...

Erin said...

I hope the tests for both of you come out ok! I thought of My MIL today, we miss her dearly, but when she was alive my hubby would depend on me to take care of the gifts/ I know how you feel!!


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