Saturday, May 24, 2008

Perfection is a pain in the *^*&^%%

BIG SIGH! I swear, I come back to what I said yesterday, I AM A DINGBAT!! I am plugging away at this QFAH project. I am finally to the point to assemble blocks and I discovered this

and this

Do you see the shadow half square? No amount of turning will correct this. The only thing that works is ripping! Oh , my Grandma Bosh is waggling her finger at me right now and saying in her high pitched voice "If you want to sew you have to learn to rip." I don't mind the ripping but must I do things wrong so frequently to get so much practice? (I've been doing an equal amount of sewing and ripping this evening). Oh and notice the pile of blocks under the aqua? They are all wrong also. On the positive side there are only about six. On the negative side, the entire assembly must be ripped and not just one side. SIGH, SIGH, SIGH!

However, if I want to look at the full side of the glass instead of the empty ......this is what I HAVE accomplished!

I have 6 nearly perfect blocks. Taking my time and working methodically may not always work well for me, but it is worth having the blocks come out so close to the correct size that I call them perfect!

I'm just too tired of my perfecting my ripping skills!!LOL!


floribunda said...

I've been doing that forward and reverse thing with my knitting lately -- seems like I'm not progressing at all because I keep ripping it back! Just remember, tomorrow's another day!

Pattie said...

Hi Morah - This is my first visit to your blog and I'm glad I chose this post: your quilt is going to be lovely!

Don't worry about the mistakes: that's how we learn, right? I’m a fairly new quilter, so I have to keep telling myself that!! LOL!


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