Friday, August 29, 2008

Weekend Plans

I'm really looking forward to this weekend. Ms. A is "movin' on up." My former struggling college student has a job that pays her bills (and allows me to actually keep my paycheck!!!), and is moving into a new apartment. She is too funny because she has "made it in the world," because she will now have a bathroom in her bedroom!!! I remember when I felt the same about the bath in our master bedroom! I'm off to help her move, calm her nerves about the higher rent and add retail support with all those little things you need to move in a new place. I'm taking my sewing machine so Joanns better be on alert as will be are on the prowl for curtain fabrics! See ya all on the flipside of this long weekend.


Mama Koch said...

Oh, the feeling of them thinking they're so independent! It's the small steps that count.


Anonymous said...

Morah, you are doing so well on your weight loss! I'm really proud of you for still sticking with it. I am, too, but it turns out there may be some health reasons why I've only lost 8 pounds in the last year, better than gaining them, though. =) I'm waiting for blood test results now.

How fun to spend the weekend helping Ms A in her new apt. Didn't sound to me as if you are keeping a lot of this paycheck yet. =)

Cheryl said...

A big horray for your daughter. Such an exciting time and nice to have you there to help her out!!
Yeah for independence and a bathroom in her bedroom!


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