Friday, December 12, 2008

From Sweet to Sassy

First off, I have been quilting. Well, I have been tying that is. A series of fabric events have led me down the road of fleece blankets. Nine of them to be exact! I may be wild and crazy, round it up to 10 and make myself one. I have 6 finished and 3, maybe 4 to go. Pictures of those later.

Right now, more important issues....the cat! I feed her every morning and evening. The vet told me the amount to feed her, the cat food bag agrees, and that is what I stick to. I have a leftover "kibbles" bag from the grocery store and a new bag of the fancy schmany stuff the vet recommended. The FS bag is made of that plasticy stuff and has a zip top. The kibbles bag is paper and I physically roll the top. I stopped giving her the kibbles once I bought the FS bag. I mixed them at first but then stopped. Why? I don't know, I just did. Tuesday, when I came home from work, I noticed that the kibbles bag was in the middle of the kitchen floor! Huh! Is the bag making a break for it? Did the rest of the junk it was sitting on wiggle it off and throw it? I think not. I do believe that the Sweet, Innocent, Minkee decided that Ididn't get home from work quickly enough and took matters into her own hands...or nose, and tried to open the bag herself! Fast Forward to Thursday. I am cooking dinner and hear, crunch, crunch, crunch turn around and see Sweet, Innocent ,Minkee sitting in the pantry, in front of the kibbles bag, eating out of the bag! I left it all the way it was and and waited for her to come back and do it again so I could get pictures. OMG! This was TOO funny!!!!!! I couldn't get her sitting in front of the bag. This time she stuck her entire head inside the bag! I wonder how long she worked on that rolled down bag before she actually got it open?!


Treasa said...

He. He. I can just see Minkee doing that in my head. I have a mini long hair daschund. She lifts the lid off her food container if she wants extra. Pets are very smart. :)

Norma said...

Word to the's not just cat food they get into. I left a unopened bag of flour on the kitchen counter overnight and woke up to flour all over. She chewed right through bag. I put cherry tomatoes from the garden on the windowsill to ripen and have found those all over the floor the next morning. She never gets on the counter when we are around but when we aren't.......I think so.

Great pictures, she has made herself right at home!

Mary said...

wow your cat is neat. My cat just chews thru the bag. Makes it a self feeder that way. And if the hole is under thelevel or the food and it runs all over the floor? so what. We as safe so far putting the food on top of the refrigerator.

Catherine said...

Minkee is a monkey!! LOL We keep the bag of dry cat food up high in a cupboard. So far they haven't found it.
Minkee is obviously making herself very much at home!!

Mary said...

Digital camera to take the pictures: $300

Fancy Smancy Fat Food: $20

Kibbles: $5

Exposing your Minkee in your pantry to the world wide web: Priceless

Seriously, this is the stuff of Cute Overload.

Nanci said...

Too funny. I have a fat cat who wouldn't even think of rolling any bag down she just chews through the bag so I have to be very careful about leaving new bags out when I come home from the store. I now own a fancy smancy plastic container with a screw top to keep her food in and so far she hasn't figured this out.

The Calico Quilter said...

If cats had thumbs they could take over the world.

Two words: Pottery canister. Get a big one that's meant for a cookie jar (mine came from Pier 1) and matches your kitchen. Mine has a rubber gasket on the lid so the crunchies stay fresh. Cats are good but they can't take the lid off a canister.

Also, probably the grocery store stuff tastes way better than the fancy schmancy vet food. I never saw a cat that would willingly bypass Purina for Hill's or any of the other expensive stuff. They also don't like their food changed abruptly. I suggest mixing the two and slowly phasing over to whatever the vet recommends. And keep the food under lock and key!

ForestJane said...

I keep my catfood in one of those popcorn tins (you know, the kind you get three varieties of popcorn in, at holidays... butter, caramel, and cheese... ) my old cats actually figured out how to get the lid off the popcorn tin, and I had to put a brick on it. The two I have now aren't that smart... lol

The Calico Cat said...

She's a big hunter! - my boy can get into the fancy schmancy bag, so we hide it at the very top of the linen closet. :o)


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