Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Minkee the Explorer

I apologize in advance to those of you that could care less......I HAVE to give a Minkee update. This cat is so amusing that even DH is in love.

First, she loves to look outside. I have no intention of letting her go outside but she loves going on the patio with DH when he smokes a cigar. Well, at least that is how it started. Now, she goes and stands by the door and MEOWS untill we let her out there. She even trys to open the door herself! She stands on her back paws and batts at the door handle. When that doesn't work, she goes up on the end table and reaches across to the door knob and bats away at it. One day she reached a bit too far and bam! hit the floor!
She loves nooks and crannies. We couldn't stop laughing when we saw her in the small space between the equipment and the cabinet. She tried to get behind all of that equipement but it didn't work. She settled for right in the nook and just sat there and watched us play guitar hero!

She opened, OPENED the cabinet and walked into it. We watched her slowly disappear inside and then proceed to explore the dishes. After the amusement of this one I rattle the jars and scared her out. That was the last time for that!

The funniest is one that I don't have a picture. I was sewing and heard, scritch, scratch, scritch, scratch. I went into the bathroom and there she was, in the tub, rubbing and chewing the faucet and knob that turns on the shower. I shooed her out. A while later I hear scritch, scratch, scritch, scratch, kersplash! I jumped up and got to the bathroom just in time for her to dart out like a bat out of hell! The bathroom was soaked! That big ole' girl fell into the toilet!!!!!! OH my GOSH we couldn't stop laughing!!!! She on the other hand was rather indignant! No more fighting over up or down on toilet lids in this family!


Suzan said...

For someone who didn't WANT a cat... :)

Elaine Adair said...

Aren't kitties the greatest entertainment? That one in the entertainment center looks like she is trying to look like part of the equipment. 8-)

Anonymous said...

Ms. Minkee is providing lots of entertainment. Her curiosity is getting the better of her - falling into the toilet! LOL. You just got to love our fur babies!

I also just got caught up on your activities during the holiday season. Boy you were very, very busy. No wonder you got sick. The best part is - people appreciated what you did. How do I know? Because just READING about your kindness makes me appreciate it.


Suze said...

Aren't our four legged friends just what we need to keep us on our toes?

Thanks for sharing.

Catherine said...

Kitties are constant entertainment! I love the photo of her in the entertainment centre.
Happy New Year!

Quilt Pixie said...

one of my cats used to open the bathroom cabnet door and go sleep on the towels in there... she'd let the door close behind her and everything -- a nice dark cave :-)

Silverthimble said...

I loved the Minkee post! I also am the proud owner of a cat that I didn't ask for. Now that he is here, he is a big part of my life and I can't imagine what it would be like not to have him around!

Treasa said...

I am a dog person but I just loved your stories of your cat. And the picture of her in the stereo cabinet is too cute!! Poor kitty shse got a bath and didn't even need the toilet no less. She needed an extra treat that night.

Esteemarlu said...

I was looking at the second pic of the kitty and wondered why am I looking at an entertainment center and then I realized oh there's a kitty there.LOL! She's too funny!


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