Saturday, December 06, 2008

Buttons, Buttons

Like my quilters art? One day a few weeks ago I decided to layer my buttons by color. Why? Because they were there of course! About 10 mins. into the separation activity I was sick of it. Mrs. S was helping me. After 20 mins. I was whining and after 30 mins....well, let's just say thank goodness Mrs. S is an adult. She kept saying to me "this was your idea!" Well we finally finished and I think it looks great. The very next day, literally, the very next day was the when I helped my friend . I not only brought home fabric but also loads of craft items for school and buttons. Lots of buttons! I nearly cried when I realized that I could have waited one day!!! I called Mrs. S to ask her to help again...........uhm.... fooled her once but it didn't work twice!! I put them in another container!

1 comment:

Sweet P said...

I want to know how long your button art will stay that way! It is lovely!


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