Saturday, December 06, 2008

Oh Poor Ms. Minkee

I'm so sorry to fill this blog with so many cat posts but........Aye, yae, yae! I took Ms. Minkee to the vet yesterday. She had 8 million shots and 45 million tests. (Oh BTW, the vet said she is Lynx Point Siamese Cat) . Because she was a stray, it was unknown whether she'd been vaccinated ect. and I needed to

A. Be sure she is healthy
B. Be sure she remains healthy

I needed to make sure that she wasn't deserted because she was sick. Ever since the shots, she has not been herself. She is miserable! She has been asleep or very, very lethargic. I even took her back to the vet this morning. I was so worried last night that I not only didn't sleep but woke DH up 2X to check her, and very nearly took her to the emergency vet! The vet this morning said that she is just reacting to the vaccines. She is not having an allergic reaction. Today she is slightly better but didn't eat or drink all day. She is utterly pitiful. She looks so helpless and is so listless.

DH aka,"I don't like cats," aka Mr. Bluff and Bluster, got caught trying to make the poor sick kitty feel better.

This is how she has spent most of today. She just looked so pitiful that I had to snap these pictures and share our misery.

She was curled up in a ball so tight that I thought maybe she was cold so I covered her up. I guess I need to go out and buy her a Minkee blanket!!!!

She actually stayed under the blanket so I guess she was cold. Gosh, this is worse than a sick baby! At least a baby cries. Cats just give you pitiful eyes.


Catherine said...

Poor Minkee!! Sometimes cats do react to the vaccines. I hope she's feeling much better tomorrow!

Gina said...

oh love her. She's entited to feel a bit pulled about I suppose

love and hugs Gina xxx

Suzan said...

My cat has a similar reaction every time she gets her vaccinations. It usually takes 2 days until she gets back to her normal routine. Minkee will feel better soon!!

paula, the quilter said...

If she is a true cat, she will ignore you for a bit, too. After all, you took her in for this awful stuff that happened to her. But then she will turn into her loving self again.

The Calico Quilter said...

Oh, yes, Paula has it right - never underestimate the "poor pitiful" aspect! A lot of cats are bothered by vaccinations. If you've ever had a pneumonia vaccination, you know how she feels.

SandyQuilts said...

Sweet Minkee. Mister, Sweetie and Mr. Kitty all send well wishes to you. Take it easy, rest and let the love flow to you.

KimP said...

A sick kitty just pulls at your heartstrings - they can't tell you what is wrong or where it hurts. You are officially a cat mom now. Many prayers for you and Minkee. May she feel better soon.

ozjane said...

All curled up and conserving every ounce of energy into getting better and being a total bundle of mischief.
Besides if she can bluff the boss, all the better.
But I agree.....we feel so helpless.
Moggie sends her healing purrs.

Mary said...

Misss Minkee will be fine with such good parents. I found this link on line today which reminded me of you:



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