Monday, December 01, 2008

More about Houston

I don't know if I posted these or not but here they are. I just couldn't walk away from the booth at School House Quilt Shoppe without buying them. As usual, there is a story.....

School House Quilt Shoppe is the home of Judie Rothermel. Don't know Judie? Perhaps you are familiar with Aunt Grace Fabrics? Civil War Repros? Well, she is the designer. Hers is also the first quilt shop I ever visited. School House Quilts was the first place I ever took a quilting lesson. I do have proof.....unfinished proof, but proof. The class I took was beginning quilting (mid 80's) and it was all templates and hand sewing. This is the one and only thing I semi finished in the class. It is hanging in my sewing room.
I loved that quilt store. They had this gorgeous six pointed star quilt hanging. I used to go in and hope that somehow the kit miraculously became more affordable (I was a young bride, a new mom and broke!) I almost cried when I went home to visit and they had closed the shop. I guess she got too busy. But, they are always in Houston and I always drool over the fabrics. Even though I don't use Civil War repros often, they are my very favorite fabrics. I think that the influence of going in School House Quilts really stuck with me. When I was in Houston, I told her that this entire obsession is her fault! I also asked her about that quilt. It seems it's hanging in her house. She said that she would take a photo of it for me and email it. Well, today I got brave and sent an email. I sure do hope that she is able to take that picture!


Anonymous said...

Gasp, I'm speechless. Can't wait to see what you turn these into.

hunnybunny said...

Oh my those are so pretty. I love that story, I hope you get that picture and post the quilt.

The Calico Quilter said...

Love those fabrics. I am a sucker for reproductions. Do you have a design idea yet?


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