Monday, September 13, 2010

Design Wall Monday

THis has been on my design wall for at least 6 months....maybe more.


It comes from this quilt that I made this at retreat in January....


.....for my husband. He in turn promised it to his dad. I never bound the thing! It's been sitting here patiently waiting while I recover from my quilting funk.

However, this is design wall Monday. Why the funky, wonky table runner looking thing? It was what I started to assemble to create a quilt from the leftovers from the quilt. I got this far, decided it looked like a table runner and quit! Perhaps my current streak of inspiration will allow me to work on it as a quilt...or at least finish it as a table runner!

1 comment:

Gari said...

My table runners are just long skinny quilts. In fact we use quilts of various sizes for all kinds of things. I love quilts.


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