Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stash Report?

Stash report. Hmmm.....Welll.....Uhmmmm......we are supposed to be committed to REDUCING the stash???? I think I have this entire idea mixed up, backwards and cattywomppus! I haven't been sewing. I haven't been producing...but man o man! I have been stash enhancing. I think I'm going to be kicked out of the stash report system!!!!

Case in point #1
My folded stash


Case in point #2
The bolt of fabric that cost only 1$1.50/yd at Walmart. It's from Possibilities people! A good fabric at a good price. Too bad that it's an ombre..which I don't like too much, it was cheap and will make excellant backs to projects.


Case in point #3
The bits of fabric, not fat quarters, not yardage, not cut to size, in color bins.


Case in point #4
Fat quarters.


Case in point #5
Bins. Mostly filled with various sizes. Some filled with speciallty scraps like novelties, homespuns ect., that don't fit into the upper bins. The specific sized strips I never use. I have decided to purge these bins and only cut 3-4 sizes of strips. Just need to get to the task....


Case in point #6.
More bins. These I use a bit. Sized 1', 2', 21/2"...


Case in point #7
The fabric for Aviva's chuppah. Oh, it doesn't look like much but that bag is stuffed with greens!


Plus I forgot to take pictures of of the huge bin of Americana fabric.... huge bin! Plus the huge bin of 5" squares, the bin of UFO's (the least problematic of all the bins and shelves!) and the bolt of Kona in the closet. Oh and did I forget the drawers of embroideries???? (AND WHAT PROJECT HAVE I CHOSEN TO WORK ON??????? LEFTOVER ITTY BITTY HALF SQUARES THAT AREN'T EVEN MINE!!!)

I really want to use this fabric, mostly because no more will fit, but have discovered that I've bought pretty fabrics, not necessarily useful fabrics. Plus... well, I think I'm in the dreaming mode right now and owning some of this is as nice as making things....sorta! I am not in the mood to stress over it today. I'll save that, and the guilt of having soooo much stuff, for another day. Today I'm just confessing that my stash is out of control. OUT OF CONTROL! The consequences of that will just have to wait.

Pop on over to Judy's blog and check out how everyone else is really controlling their stash!!


Mary-Kay said...

It's hard to make a quilt using only pretty fabrics as I have found out too. you sound a lot like me, doing stuff for others and trying to make something using only the smallest bits of fabric. I'm in to getting rid of a lot of stuff that I know I will never use. What was I thinking?

katie z. said...

If you decide you want to give any of it away, you know you can always find willing takers or a great place to donate it! (I am perpetually in search of star and snowflake fabrics myself, so I snatch those up at garages sales and anywhere else I can find them. Someday, that may get out of hand!)

Lori said...

I find it much easier to play in teh scraps (especially those from someone else!) than to cut into yardage. I love that glimpse of green fabric, green is the best color.


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