Saturday, September 11, 2010

Some friends are a pain!

I don't know if it's me or my friend Cccatlover that is the pain! See, she is making a fabulous 30's quilt. It has lots and lots of with lots and lots of cut off triangles. I couldn't bear for them to go to waste so she saves them for me, I sew, trim and put them in a box. I've been working on them again (OH did I mention that they will finish at 1"??) . Sew, iron, trim. Sew, iron, trim.


When I was in Ohio, I had my BIL help me separate them. (because of his brain tumor he is like a man with brain injury. It was a challenge for him to separate them into the proper piles). Here, I am on my own.

This is a SMALL pile of blue and white half squares waiting to be trimmed....


How many do you think are in this little tiny baggie??? 160!! Yes, all that work and once assembled 160 teeeny blocks will only work out to be 40X40....INCHES!!!


This is the pile I have left to sew. Doesn't look like much but trust me! There are a million little half squares in that pile.

I have no idea how many more she has for me...She keeps threatening to send more. All I know is I am nuts and she is literally becoming a pain in my neck! This is hard work! But I sure am enjoying myself with this mindless little ditty!

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Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Squaring up all those itty bitty HSTs is a pain but you will have a great little something when you are done. Plus, you will have the extra memory that goes with it.

It would bother me too to have all those triangles thrown out. I save all mine too. Crazy but fun. :)


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