Sunday, December 31, 2006

HAPPY NEW YEAR and other stuff

Happy New Year all! Here is to a happy, healthy and non stressed 2007. Our plans here are very simple. I'm making some wings and cocktail meatballs and Mrs. S and hubby are coming to play Taboo and Pictionary. We are hopelessly geeky would rather play games with our kids, then go out to dinner with our other friends. Tomorrow is one of our all time favorite meals...sauerkraut, beef ribs and hot dogs, simmering all day in the crock pot and served with mashed potatos. None of that black-eyed pea stuff they do here in the south for us.

I received another message from Richard Michell. Although I feel a bit odd doing it, I am just going to cut and paste it in it's entirety.

I had never dealt with a Blog before and I tried to comment on your blog. It did not work. Will you consider posting the following comment for me?First, please let people know that the nice response from you and fromothers was very unexpected and is much appreciated. We do try to putcustomer service first in every way.Second, I would like to make a small sales pitch. If your blogger friends haven't tried products designed by Marti then they can't imagine how muchthey may be missing. Most quilters that use Marti's products love them andwant Marti's tools for all of their applicable projects. We only sell to theQuilt Shops were you can normally get good advise about our products. The"Perfect Patchwork Templates" have special corners that guide the patchworkfabrics into PERFECT alignment prior to sewing. (How vital to good resultsis that?) Experts and novices alike do patchwork more accurately and quickerusing her templates. As you know there are special rulers she has done, etc.The response on the Blog is interesting and I will take this opportunity to provide to the readers of the blog a less expensive way to get started with Marti's products. Our template Set Q is designed to be an introduction set.It is a 2.5" square, the square's half triangle and the square's quartertriangle, quarter inch seam allowance included. This set has extended instructions. Of course it has the special corners. For the next thirty days anybody reading the blog can order Set Q at half price, $6.00, normally$12.00, plus $5.00 shipping and handling anywhere in the USA. Call me at800-558-3568 to place an order.

Nice offer. In the last e-mail I recieved he told me that all of their postage is $5.00 regardless of what you order.

I'm off to get ready for our hoppin' evening! Be safe.

The picture is from this website. They say the graphics are free but just in case I misunderstood, I decided to post the webpage as referrence


Sweet P said...

That is a nice offer from Richard. I'm tempted, but I have to think about it. Thanks for posting the offer.

Susan said...

The customer service from both the Michells and your Janome dealer is just mind boggling! Thanks for sharing the stories.

Sheila said...

What a wonderful gesture. I'm impressed by all the old-fashioned customer service you received this past week!

Happy New Year, lady!

Sheila in Ohio

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Awesome on both gentlemanly counts...and very smart business too on the part of the Michell's! I'll have to remember that trick (LOL!).

See you on the 6500/6600 list!<
Cheers, Sarah


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