Sunday, December 02, 2007

Stashbusting Sunday

Uhmmmm.... This week I didn't even remember I had a sewing room let alone needed to stashbust! I did turn a few of the bazzillion luggage tags I made but that's about it. What I did do was this
I added the labels to 4 sides of 150 dreidles for my school party this week. DH glued them all together and a friend and I put the labels on. I wish I were the sort of person that could come up with ideas that were NOT adult time intensive. I'ts overwhelming! I know the children enjoy the projects but it's wearing me out! I was so stressed this past week (about this upcomig party) that I needed to feel better about myself. So, I went out and had beautiful nails attached to my horrid looking ones. I may be feeling nuts and overwhelmed but my hands look good! (note to year, attach the sticky back labels BEFORE having fake nails attached to fingers.)

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