Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Another oldie

Another oldie. Long ago, I made a tiny wall hanging quilt for my dad, that consisted of ice cream cones. The reason for this quilt was because every special occasion in our house warranted going to get ice cream. Have a dance recital, go for ice cream. New car, ice cream. Bored on a Sunday afternoon, "Let's go for a ride." and invariably we ended up getting ice cream. The tradition continued when my girls were little. My dad took them out for ice cream all the time. The only difference was that there was a new ice cream stand and they always put candy eyes on the cones. The girls loved going to "The place with eyes." So, this little quilt had 9 or 12 different ice cream cones with eyes. Plus in the border, I used my fancy new machine (this was at least 15 yrs, ago.) to write the reasons why we went for ice cream and the various places we used to go. It was very cute. This is one of the leftover blocks that I had for years! I used it to make a cup cover for one of the girls.

(As long as I told this story, I figured I'd post a photo of the girls and my dad this past summer. They still insist on make a stop at "the place with eyes," whenever they go "home." Look how happy their faces are, even at their "advanced" ages. Believe it or not, that is about as wide as my dad ever smiles in a picture. He is fairly giddy in that shot!!!)

If this works, I will have proven the fact that I can indeed post from e-mail and the chances of a luggage tag tutorial have increased a thousand fold! It e-mailed the text but not the photos....any ideas on how to do this? I need to be able to e-mail the photos directly.


Elaine Adair said...

Love those eyes! 8-)

No help at all about the e-mail complications.

My Dad, also, would always stop for ice cream, any time he went anywhere, so we ALWAYS went with him if possible. It's HIS fault I have associated food with pleasure! (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

Jen said...

Try emailing the post with pictures to yourself and then forwarding it in. If it doesn't work you can always delete it. When I had to move my posts from quiltblog to blogger I forget if it was that, that worked or what.

GS Mom and Cheergirl said...

OMG- I think I am going to cry.
Traditions and memories are what we hold on to no matter what circumstances come our way.
I was curious if the girls' at their "advanced" ages still ask for eyes on their cones. I zoomed in on the picture and NOT to my surprise they did!

loulee1 said...

Love you old blocks, especially the icecream cone, yummy.

Laurie Ann said...

Great memories! Thanks for sharing!


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