Friday, February 15, 2008

I didn't realize& a question

I didn't realize that I'd made so many things. I forgot about some of this stuff! This baby quilt...well, I don't really remember making it! I do believe it's from a pattern on Quiltville......Wait! Yes it is! I think it's even posted on her site. These are pictures of the front and back of the quilt.

Baby Quilt

Baby quilt back

I love all things snowman. I made this a few years ago. It hangs year round in my foyer.
All Flakes Welcome
Again with the snowmen.........I know that those of you not in south Texas are sick to death of snow. I get sick of 85 degree weather and miss the snow and hot chocolate!
Liberty pillow

pillow back

Does anyone with multiple blogs know how to send something from another source, like webshots, to one or the other of their blogs....I mean how can I choose? Right now, if I send something from webshots, it only goes to my family blog. I then need to cut it from there and add it here. I cannot get it to come here directly. Is it because the other is first alphabetically?


Norma said...

I love the reversible nature of the quilt!

Greenmare said...

your baby quilt is toooooo adorable. I can't even comment on the snowmen though because I'm one of those not in southern TX, and though I would be glad to trade weather for a few days I won't do that to you today, we are homebound with "wintry mix" which is a not so delightful combination of rain and sleet with some snow thrown in. The roads are all being closed becuase we are also out of salt for them. Enjoy your 85°!!! ;-)


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