Friday, February 29, 2008

Sheesh! Where have I been?

I have no idea what I've been doing for the last 9 days but obviously it isn't blogging! My "backside" funk seems to have filtered into other areas of my life but I am continuing to fight back. Tomorrow I will post the dismal "state of my backside," good, bad or ugly!!!!

I've been tagged! Whenever someone tags me I feel like a queen for the day! As Mrs. S would say, "I feel all special inside." I've been tagged by Nana's Quilts to do the "Weird and Random" meme.

1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post THE RULES on your blog.
3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog
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I know I'm weird, my kids tell me so all the time...Every once in a while one of them will call me to say, " I know that I am your daughter because I am as weird as you are. (Wow! what a compliment!) I did such&such today and it is something you would do."

1. I never willingly listened to country music. As a matter of fact, other than Jewish music I rarely, if ever listened to music. Something snapped in me this summer.....I am always listening to country music, have an mp3 player stuffed with music and watch country music videos while quilting. (as a matter of fact, I have DH listening to the country channel and we are going to see Rodney Atkins tonight in concert!)

2. I rarely, rarely ever had an alchoholic drink. I'd have the obligitory wine at holidays but that was about it. Now we go out dancing 1-3 X/ week. Depending whether it's a lesson or going out, I have a drink....or two. ...which leads me to #3

3. I began dancing. Once again, something I'd never done before. I'd never danced (two step, polka, waltz and definately not tejano). I'd taken many dance lessons as a kid and as a teenager was always "fast dancing," but not this honkey tonk type stuff! But it is a total blast! Our girls say "Ohhh don't call Mom & Dad, they're going out "clubbin'." Well, they also say we do the equivilent of going out for a senior citizen dinner when we go dancing. Whereas Grandma Lil goes out for dinner at 4:00, we go dancing at 8:00. 8:00 !!! They crack up! "Sheesh Mom, that must be the time the senior citizens go out clubbin'!" Then they call each other and die laughing that about #1, 2 & 3. Like I'm 192 years old!!!!! Between numbers 1-3, DH is certain that I've flipped my wig! Fortunately, he has been willing to travel this weird and out of character road with me and we are having the time of our lives. He keeps saying, "You are a totally differant person!" and "Who are you??" It's good. It's all good!

4. I make up songs. I can take a tune (usually one in my head that noone else is listening to) and add words that relate to whatever is going on. I never really think about the words, they just come out. Like if "Mary Had a Little Lamb" was running through my head I may break into song and sing....Morah likes to go dancing, go dancing, go dancing, Morah likes to go dancing though DH thinks she's weird. Really poor example but there is nothing running through my head right now.

5. I'm very flexible. I can do splits on both sides. Whenever I'm in class and we do stretching that invlolves splits, the sweet young thing leading the class is always surprised. I can also sit with my legs out and lay my forehead on the ground. Yeah I know, both terribly useful. As a kid I was in acrobat class (now known as tumbling or gymnastics). All the girls could do headstand....not me. Finally, they figured out I could do a straddle split (center split) and had me do that while the rest were doing their headstands (if that isn't a random fact about me, I don't know what is!!!)

6. I like mustard on potato chips...well perhaps I should say liked since I can never eat chips again in my fat life!!!! LOL!! At JCC camp, we always had hot dogs and chips on Friday. They served them with mustard and we dipped our chips in the mustard. YUM!

7. I am not afraid to get up in front of an assembly and sing (I'm NOT a good singer. I'm just not afraid to do it. Trust me, tunes are arbitrary with me), dance (as in silly dance to a childs song), and act goofey. I lead our school assembly every Friday and although it is mostly children we have many adults join us. I think the most embarrasing time though was a few weeks ago. We had our "Donuts with Dad" and I forgot about it. I had planned this song that involved alot of wiggling and shaking both on my part and the childrens. When I remembered that it was Donuts with Dad I nearly died but ....Oh well! I'm there for the children and although it was a bit embarrassing to be shaking my bootie in front of all those dads, we all lived through it! Funny thing is, if I act all embarrassed and uncomfortable so do the other adults. When I act silly and not be embarrassed to do a wiggle, they begin to join in and have fun right along with me!

So there you have it. Weird and Random. If you ask Mrs. S and Ms. A they would say that is my middle name!!

I tag



Sorry, I can only come up with three right now....I'm off to stand and wait for the concert to begin!

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