Friday, February 01, 2008

I'm having a day..... know the kind. It's the one that makes you want to go outside in the backyard and eat worms. The selfish, kinda day that you lie around feeling useless and unloved...for no real good reason at all. That little fact however doesn't change the fact that you are having a day. <<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>> I hate this kind of day. It is uncalled for, self indulgent and undignified but...... I can't seem to put an end to the pity party today. YUKKO. Maybe going out dancing with DH tonight will help.....If I can make myself feel pretty enough.....OH PHOOEY! Thank goodness this doesn't happen very often because I hate these kind of days!


Susan said...

I double checked your picture. You are looking good today! =) It's okay to have that kind of day. Something in our psyche needs it now and then. Keeps us from becoming *totally* and boringly complacent about how perfect we are. =)

Hugs for you, Morah. Have a nice time with your husband. Believe him when he tells you that you are beautiful, and he'd never be able to love anyone else.

Elaine Adair said...

Oh my ... did you have plenty of water today?! LOL

I don't know how a woman who is so beautiful can be having a bad day!~ My word, woman, hope you perk up. Your blog is one of the FIRST I check on, just to see your chirpy face! Remember some of the good thoughts you gave to me.

Sweet P said...

Everyone has a bad day now and then. I hope today was better for you. Did you enjoy dancing?


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