Monday, November 17, 2008

Up n' atem Saturday

Good thing I got up and “at ‘em” early on Saturday. Before noon I’d already visited Joanns, Big Lots, cleaned up my house and was in the grocery store. I ran into my friend Mollie and she told me she was on her way to a deceased church member’s home. She was a quilter and her family asked Mollie if she wanted to come over and sort through the fabric and take what she wanted. Well, being the pushy broad I am, I quickly switched gears, stopped shopping and volunteered to go. Little did I know what we were getting into….

When the daughter of Mrs. H. opened the door, the smell of closed up house, dust and moth balls was immediate. They were so grateful to see us that they had trash bags ready. We first began with the few boxes they had put in the hallway. They kept telling us that not to be alarmed as we walked around the house. The hallway and living room were cluttered but I attributed that to them breaking up the house. Not. As we were sorting, daughter A came out with a huge box of clothespins and beads for crafts. Pay dirt for me the preschool teacher/camp director. Of course I wanted them! “Come with me” said Daughter A. She took me into one bedroom that was filled with boxes, bags, bags and bags of stuff. She dug through unbelievably cluttered closet and found all sorts of crafting treasures for me. By the time I returned Mollie had finished sorting the 3 boxes and I thought we were finished. Once again. Not.

Daughter B now took us to the “Bird Room” It seems Mrs. H not only collected crafts and fabric but also finches. Now the full scope of the situation hit us. Poor Mrs. H saved every bit and snippet of fabric, thread, notions ect.. Plus, because she was obviously not well mentally, she didn’t clean plus bags and bags and bags of these snippets filled dressers, cabinets, boxes and tabletops to the point that two people navigating the room was difficult. Oh I did mention that this was the bird room so there were obviously bird cages at one point… all of the tops of things had bird poo covering them… we do live in Texas so cockroach droppings…. And dust. Mounds and mounds of dust. Through this all though, it was a big adventure. We ended up taking tons of crafts and two bags of fabric. Afterwards we went to Mollie’s house, invited over CCCat and sorted the fabric. Wait, did I mention that we did this for less than top quality fabric!!!!

I didn’t even bring my fabric in the house until today. I left it in the garage! It smelled and I was terrified what may be attached to it. I got it all washed and as soon as I fold it all, I'll take a picture and post it.

I did walk away with one great find.....Blocks made by Mrs. H. I can't tell if they are original or reproductions but as soon as they are all clean and pressed I'll post pictures of them also.
Plus my partner in "bird poo" wrote the funniest thing about the entire incident. All to come in later posts......


Vicki W said...

Wow! What and adventure!

The Calico Quilter said...

Whenever I see a hoarder's house like that, I wonder about the gaping hole in her life, the need that was not being met, that she tried to fill with "stuff". How horribly sad.


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