Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Table

I finally got the table I bought in Houston. It came about 2 weeks ago but luckily UPS dropped it and it got here looking like thisLovely huh! The owners of Sew Perfect Tables were so nice. They immediately sent out another table. After a bit of grunting and groaning...deciphering of directions and whining....DH got the table together. There are 3 reasons I bought this as opposed to other tables out there.

1.)price. It is reasonable. I didn't need a loan or financing to be able to afford it! Plus it's the same price as the Janome table but a few inches bigger.
2.)it has an extension table that folds down. This is great in a small room. When I need it I can open it up. When I don't, it's down.

3.)it is adjustable!! whoohoo!! I am short and am so tired of stretching to sew. My feet never touch the ground as I have to raise my chair so high. I used to have my foot pedal on
books to reach it after I raised the chair high enough.

It is a bit industrial looking. To be honest though, I want something that works and don't necessarily need beauty. I quilted a panel on it last night and was thrilled to have a totally flat surface! WhooHOOO!


Silverthimble said...

It looks like you have a perfect spot to sew now--with a table that adjusts to your height and all that light coming through those windows--you are all set! What a gorgeous and inviting sewing room!

Jackie said...

I'd love to hear how you like this table after using it for a while. One day I'll have a room for a sewing/knitting room. I've been concerned about finding a table the right height for me and this just might be the solution! Thank you for sharing.

I'm off to find your luggage tag tutorial.....

The Calico Quilter said...

What a great table. I would love to have one. Someday, someday I will make a land grab on the space in the guest room and carve out a sewing niche. I'm off to investigate the brand and see how badly I will have to go in hock to get one.


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