Saturday, March 01, 2008

State of our Backsides....and stuff

I vow to keep this report going whether it's good or bad. I also vow to STOP whining. The state of my backside is miserable. There. I said it! I'll keep plugging away and hopefully next week.....I've finally learned that I cycle. I seem to be in a not so positive place right now....If I can just maintain my weight and exercise until I can force myself back into a positive place I will be very happy. I hope that makes sense. My exercise this week was non existent. We had to go to San Antonio Monday night and returned Tuesday. The only exercise there was eating the taboo homemade tortillas! I've been having some health issues (just something I live with and on occassiont keeps me out of the gym) and I've been afraid to go to the gym alone. No panics here....just something I deal with. We did dance on Thursday but that is definately not enough. So once again, boringly, I declare to "do better" next week.

Does anyone else look at there sitemeter stats? Blogline subscriptions? Curiosity makes me look at them. I lost a blogline reader.....sniff, sniff.......I'll just tell myself that they were purging their list and mine mistakenly was deleted....sniff, sniff....It couldn't be that I whine and kvetch my way through my blog could it.....sniff, sniff.....

Expect multiple posts today...I have alot to say!!

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Leah S said...

Actually, Bloglines has been giving some people fits lately and they're not getting their posts until they resubscribe. Highly annoying... and they switch to google reader instead. :)

Which is what I happen to use, and love it. :)


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