Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Aww Gee Thanks!

QuiltMommyQuilts gave me this award! Wowee! It sure did come on a good day. I
know that this seems like a cop-out but I really couldn't just name just a few bloggers that make my day! So, what I am going to do is limit my tag to only 3. I really have a hard time choosing as I honestly do love all the blogs that I read. If I have ever posted a comment on your blog you may feel free to take this little award and make it your own. I really only comment from the heart and if I took the time to do so, then on that day, you MADE MY DAY!
I read on a friends blog that someone told her that these little award things and meme's are like chain letters. I disagree completely! I wanted to comment on her blog but haven't so I'll do it here. I really think the meme's are fun. They are a great way to blog on a day that you don't have anything to say!!!!! The "awards" ....well, it's always nice to know that someone appreciates the words that you take the time to compose! For the most part, I take the time to make sure that my grammar, spelling and intention is at least understandable. Ok, I could really get on my soapbox here but instead of that, I'm going to tag....
Shelina at Shelina's Creations - she has some great posts!
Amy at The Calico Cat - I lurk a lot on her blog but always read. I do believe that I've "known"
Amy for many years. I think we were both on a Jewish Scrappbookers
site. From her I gleaned the idea to always have a Judaic type fabric in
a quilt
Elaine at Elaine Adair Pieces - I wanna sew like her when I grow up! I also want to approach
as enthusiastically as she does.
My list could go on and on but if I want to get dinner done and exercise I need to move from this computer....On the other hand if I stay a bit longer I would need to miss exercise.....


Shelina said...

Wow, Morah, thank you very much! While I hate coming up with the names, because I always feel like I will make somebody feel left out, or I will tag somebody who is tagged by a gazillion other people, I really do feel honored when I get awarded. I will definitely find a way to tag people.

Elaine Adair said...

Awww, shucks -- trying to sound humble here. Thank you so very much. I'm still wanting to be Bonnie at quiltville.com when I grow up! LOL This may take me a while, but I'll play, and I'm in good company.

Valerie said...

I have tagged a few people who weren't really into awards & memes, but you know, I'm not too offended if they choose not to play along. Everyone's different, and sometimes people have great intentions, but just not enough time to play. I like them, because it's neat to learn a little more about the blog authors, and also, I find lots of great blogs through people's tags! :)


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