Monday, March 03, 2008

How I count things

Judy was wondering how we all count the fabric in our stash. I am a totalitarian. Unless it is totally finished, I cannot count it as being used. The way I figure, if it's still sitting somewhere in my sewing room then it is not "outa there!" So until a quilt is labeled and bound, a project is ready to be used, I don't count the fabric as being used. My stats this year are dismal. I have taken in waayyyy more than I've used. I really think that this fabric diet is merely curbing my buying appetite. Touching and rearranging all the fabric really helps in the whole "don't buy" arena. Cleaning up my shelves, categorizing my FQ is a real comeuppance! I know I have a lot but actually touching it all is overwhelming!!! I think I'm going to make a goal list.....let's see if I can accomplish my goals over the next week.....
Goals for the week:
1. Finish the back on the Mary Engelbreit quilt
2. Border Mrs. S's Anniversary quilt
3. Make the back for the above
4, Finish refolding one more shelf of fabric
5. Exercise 4X not counting dancing
6. Make a list of house goals (you really don't have the time see read everything that
needs done there!)
I'm off....less time on the computer....more time achieving goals!!!


Greenmare said...

Sometimes list just overwhelm don't they? I had no idea I had so many UFO's and WHIMM's and such until I started listing. And I didn't list everything!
those cookies look fabulous!!!! and when I need a fat quarter I'm sneaking in your sewing room, you will never miss one or two (or 81??)

Teresa said...

Hi...thanks for your suggestion. I am horrible at free motion quilting, but I do like the idea of quilting in sections. I am thinking free motion the border, or hand quilt it in gold metallic thread. Machine a simple clam shell pattern over the quilt - inside the border. What do you think? I tried to email you, but kept getting some kind of Pop3 error message.

I did look at Sue Nichols method, but I would have to take the top apart to quilt in sections and don't want to do that at this point - but maybe on the next one.

Thanks for your help!


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