Sunday, March 09, 2008


Yes!!! I'M SHOUTING! My goals from last week...

1. Finish the back on the Mary Engelbreit quilt
2. Border Mrs. S's Anniversary quilt
3. Make the back for the above
4, Finish refolding one more shelf of fabric
5. Exercise 4X not counting dancing MORE ON THIS TOMORROW
6. Make a list of house goals (you really don't have the time see read everything that
needs done there!)

The reason my report is so late today is that I didn't get to finish my goals until a few minutes ago. I actually got the backs and borders...yes you read correctly, borders finished on two quilts today!! Yeeee!!! Haaaa!!! Did I bust the stash? You betcha. The ME back is a quilt in itself! I have no idea how much is on the anniversary back but it is huge. It's 102X102. I'll actually add it up when I finish the quilting. YIKES! I just realized that I don't have binding for the ME quilt. I've used every last ooch of fabric to finish this thing....I am NOT however buying more ME. I just finished up the yards and yards and yards of the stuff!!!!

I did buy 1 skirt pattern and 4 fat quarters. I need them for a purse for Ms. A.

I also finished a few more colors of my shelves. I'd post pictures but blogger is hiccuping tonight. I'll post those in the morning or later....


Vicki W said...


Pat said...

Congrats on your finishes! and two borders on two different's great. Thanks for visiting.

Randi said...

Wow! You had a great report! Congratulations on all that productivity!


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