Friday, March 07, 2008


LIG = LIFE IS GOOD! A while back I read a post from Shelina and she got me to thinking. It was a wonderful post. I just got around to composing.

We spend so much of our time complaining (well, at least I do! I am the kvetchy queen) that sometimes it's good to just list out all the good things in our life. I told DH at lunch today, (uhm....after he told me I looked nice and did I get my hair done. {{Wow! What's up with that!!! Once I had my hair cut and dyed blonde and he never noticed! I can leave the house with my foundation makeup not rubbed in and he doesn't notice. }} "No, I just got off work" was my reply. Then he said "Wow! I feel like I'm cheating on his wife. Now typing that made me realize that could be taken wrong but trust me,it was a compliment! ) that I really feel like this is the best time we've had in our lives. We come and go as we please. We go dancing 2-3 nights/week, even if 2 nights are lessons. We enjoy one anothers company, are in relatively good health and generally are very, very fortunate. I always tell people that it doesn't require diamonds to make me happy. Really. It doesn't. People don't believe me. They always say "well, diamonds are nice...." Keep your diamonds. I'll keep....

-children that want to spend time with us, trust us enough to talk frankly to us about their lives
and (gulp) actually demonstrate the morals and values we taught them. It's
unbelievable! Good or bad, they practice what we preached only better. They actually
LISTENED! There were moments during teenagehood that we were sure that they were
spawns of Satan!!!
-a husband that is incredible and as I saw on another blog "supports my quilting habit" (even if
he doesn't notice when I forget to rub in my foundation)
-a job I love
-turning the corner and seeing the gulf or bay. I always forget about it and then one day boom,
I'm driving along the coastline on the way to the dr. office, or library or to a meeting.
-knowing all 4 of my grandparents and knowing them well. Grandma Lil is 92.
-Monday mornings at 7 am. My dad calls. We talk for all of 2 mins. unless I'm chatty. He says
maybe 6 words the entire time! But he calls.
-finding a "family" 1200 miles from "home" My friends are amazing.
-the internet...yes, the internet. It allows me to keep in touch with family that I'd otherwise not.
It has allowed me to make friends with people across many, many miles.
-anyone that reads my blog...even if you don't comment. I really enjoy this blogging business.
-and last but not coffeepot! yes, my coffeepot! I just love the silly thing. It grinds the
beans and brews the coffee. YUM! Fresh ground and brewed coffee (even IF I have to have
decaff then caff any more) waiting for me when I wake up.

What makes you happy? What fulfills your life? Take a moment to think about it. Even if you are having a rough patch, there is plenty to be thankful for. Some days it requires a bit more "peeking around corners" to find the good but it's there.


floribunda said...

thanks for your post, Morah! I've been feeling a bit witchy today, so I'm going to use your commentary to try to turn down a different path...

Pam said...

it's the big things, the little things, the things that will matter for life and the things that won't matter is what we make it...

Thanks for sharing!


Valerie said...

I should really do this...I'm the queen of complain and everyone around me knows it. It just feels SO GOOD to crab! :) But you're right, it's good to be greatful too. :)

I tagged you for an award...I think you may have already done it though, so if you have, then just know we really like ya 'round here in blogland! :)


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