Saturday, March 01, 2008

Believe it or not...our first concert

Yes indeedee, this was the first concert that DH and I have ever attended together. We have known one another for nearly 30 years and this is the first time. Just to prove to our incredulous children, I bought DH a t-shirt so he could prove that we did actually go! We didn't take the most flattering photos after sitting outside in the wind and humidity....having a few adult I'm not posting them! Yes, while most of my family is freezing, figuring out where to put additional snow and generally being sick of winter, we sat outside and waited for a concert As I continually say, there are advantages to being 1,000 miles away! I found it utterly fascinating that Rodney Atkins played such a small, intimate venue. Really under, probably way under, 500 people. It didn't feel that crowded...well, until my friend and I wiggled our way to the third row back. (the pictures were not taken with a zoom lens. ) The other fascinating thing is he was so up close with the fans. Other concerts I've attended have all been in coliseums. You are miles from the artist. This guy stopped singing to sign autographs, have a conversation..etc. It made it so much more fun to feel like you were a part of the show as opposed to a spectator. We were crunched together but put ourselves into that place so I can't complain. We could have opted to stay in the back or outside with the "older set" but why!!!?? DH is not quite as adventurous as I and he hung out a bit further back; not quite in the crush of people. When RA walked around the outer perimeter (the picture with the arms all lifted and the "at every concert adoring fan fawning all over the artist" girl), He kinda, sorta shook DH's hand. Now, I am NOT a groupie of any celebrity. They are merely someone doing their job. DH is exactly the same so we just laughed and laughed that (said with the deepest sighing, girlie voice) Rodney Atkins touched him! OOOOOOO!!!! If I ever won tickets that take you backstage or to the tour bus, I'd like to see the inner workings but be very uncomfortable with the whole "meet the celeb thing." Do you suppose any celeb would like to visit me at my work?? Come to my house or better yet my car to see how I live? Do you think they'd swoon if I walked by? It would be interesting to see the tour bus as a curiosity but to fawn all over the celeb....I think not! Last time I checked they are just entertaining us...doing the job they chose in life. I'd like there to be a contest to win a morning with me at my work! I'd like celebs to come and visit me at my job and see exactly what it is I do to afford to go to their concert, movie or event!!! (in fairness to this concert, it was only $25.00! Alan Jackson is coming next week to the big auditorium and tickets start at $56.00! Not going. I can listen to a CD!) I'm the one that should be fawned over huh! But the thing that has drawn me to the country music is precisely that most of the artists seem to understand that without us they don't have a job. They seem to be more lenient about things like cameras, autographs and just plain being friendly. It's much more G or PG rated, family oriented. It is a pleasure to share something with your family and not be worried about "f" word bleeeeps and embarrassing adult situations.


Teresa said...

AMEN! I have become a country music fan over the last 3 or 4 years and although I love the music, and enjoy the videos on tv - I really have not great burning desire to meet any of them. Well, unless it is Josh Turner and he sings the song..."shut the door and turn the lights down low..." to me.

Greenmare said...

Good for YOU! the first REAL concert I went to was when I was 31 and it was Meatloaf. sigh, he did an awesome job! Just like I remembered him sounding when I was in college..........


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