Sunday, March 02, 2008

Ohhh my aching diet!

I didn't sew much today....I shopped for school, planned for school and cooked for school!
Mr. FancyPants bought Mrs. S her birthday present early....and just in time! I called her yesterday and whined (what I do best!) would she like to come over and make hamantashen (fruit filled cookies) with me? (tee hee hee.....Little did she know that my alterior plan was to make all the dough for the cookies we are baking at school...tee hee hee....I need to make enough dough to serve 145 children, 23 staff and a Purim program...tee hee hee....Free help!) Little did I know that Mr. FancyPants was buying this for her. It made short work of the 10 batches of dough we made. We put it through its paces and suffieciently dirtied it up. We then baked two batches for her and one for Ms. A (who still has hamantashen in the freezer from LAST year!) I'm very, very worried that although we made loads of dough, I won't have enough. What a fine line to walk between not enough and too much! At least when we bake on Weds., if I'm short, I'll have time to make what's needed.

Looks like there was alot of sewing going on in blogland today!
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The Calico Cat said...

Please tell me it is too early to be "ordering" Hamantashen...

(I have my adult Bat Mitzvah on Sushan Purim...)

The Calico Quilter said...

Now THAT's a mixer! Wow.

Those fruit things look delicious - I could practically smell them. Rats, now I'm hungry! LOL

Laurie Ann said...

Thost cookies look delicious! I want to reach onto the screen and grab one off the tray! :) Love those heart runners. Cute!

Susan said...

Oh, those look so yummy! I think I must be ready for my midnight snack. It's only 11, but what the heck. Must be midnight somewhere, right? =)


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