Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm so stuck!

In a good way! I am stuck, stuck, stuck on these coiled bowls. I've wrapped sooooo many feet of the stuff that I get rug burns on my fingers after a while. Unlike the directions given in books and online, I like to wrap the clothesline before I begin sewing. Wrapping and sewing at the same time are too tedious for me. It takes a loooong time to wrap the cord but just moments to sew. When I begin a new project, I first open the clothesline and make a ball like it's yarn. I then wrap and wrap and wrap. Eventually I end up with a ball of wrapped cord.

I am doing this project at our groups annual make & take. We have been having committee meetings as we organize event. I wanted to wow the girls with my project so I started with this bowl and made the coil bowl to fit.

I have to admit that I impressed myself with being able to form it correctly! As I told them, it even has a sexy little curve to fit the bowl! I didn't realize until I looked at these photos that it isn't completely symmetrical but who cares! The plastic bowl fits perfectly inside and I did indeed wow them when I walked in with my salad.

This bowl took 97'3" of clothesline and 6 bobbins to complete. It is definitely a thread hog.


Silverthimble said...

I would have been one of the ones who was wowed when you walked in with your fabric coil bowl containing a salad! I love the idea of the plastic bowl inside of the coil bowl so that you can use it for food stuffs! Very creative!

floribunda said...

wow -- you have way more patience than I do! The finished bowl is beautiful, though...

Lindsay Jean said...

Thread hog or not, this bowl is gorgeous. I've added this book to my Wish List in hopeful birthday anticipation. Your work is inspiring!

Vicki W said...

The bowl is very cool! I really must make one of these some day.


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