Monday, August 04, 2008

What I HAVE been working on

Besides bowls, I'm hooked (no pun here) on Locker Hooking , (basically it is a single crochet with fabric on a mesh). You can see a demo here. Some books here. I saw a demo on America Quilts Creatively and couldn't wait to try it. My GF and I went looking for materials and found kits on clearance at Hobby Lobby for under $2.00! We bought them all. If I could find more I would scoop them up in an instant! The kits do not include fabric, only the mesh, string, a hook and the pattern. My GF is obsessed! She is on her third rug. I haven't finished my first but hope to soon! This is what I have finished.

It's just a simple square that they recommend you try for your first project. Doesn't look like much here but when you look at it on the table, it's kinda cute. Actually, I love it!
Plus it uses tons and tons of fabric. The rug I am working on will end up using 11 yards of fabric! No that is not a typo! You use all the flimsy, junky, ugly stuff and you cannot tell the differance! Just wait until you see my rug. You'll be amazed that this girl can actually crochet!


Silverthimble said...

I love the lockerhook table mat! This is a craft I have wanted to try for some time now! BTW, those placemats look good enough to eat! LOL

hunnybunny said...

Your table looks fabulous!!! I love the look of locker hooking. America Quilts Creatively is such an awesome show. I always want to make everything they show.

Mary said...

This is just so cute!

I've been wanting to try a small rug since seeing this on VickiW's blog. I followed a couple links and would have ordered tonight except they only take Visa/MC and mine are downstairs....I really don't have the time but I can't resist any longer.

The Calico Quilter said...

Those placemats are beyond cute and so summery looking! And brilliant if you have a round table.


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