Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No, I'm not a quilter.....


I thought I'd take you on a tour of my living room just to prove the fact that I am a quilter....

This is my chair.....On the back is my bestest cowboy quilt. I adore this quilt. I call it my healing quilt. Last summer I had a rough time. I quilted in many words, names and phrases that wrapped everything up in a nutshell. Whenever I lay under it I feel all warm and fuzzy.

Dh's chair with his golf quilt on the back. He doesn't use it as a cover as much as a headrest! (doesn't this chair look like an elephant!)
Couch #1. This quilt is covering a very large hole in the back of the couch. (this couch is older than most of you reading!) I made this for a friend while she was receiving treatments for cancer. She has since died and I asked the family if I could keep this quilt as she loved it. I cherish this one. The table next to the above couch. This little quilt was an auction item at our school fundraiser. I was the only bidder and at the end of the evening went to pay for it. I was told that I did not win the item. HUH! I had been the only bid all night long......I was sooo, sooo mad. Well, about 5 mins. later one of my school parents handed it to me and said that they outbid me so that they could give it to me as a gift. Nice, nice people!And what quilter's livingroom would be complete without their daylight lamp for handwork?
This is the table of fame complete with reversible tablerunner.... I back all of my table runners and most of my wallhangings with Hanukkah fabric. When the holiday rolls around, flip, flip, flip....instant decoration.
The wall hanging behind the table of fame.
This is a toothbrush rug my girlfriend made for me. No it's not supposed to be that color. Yes, it's dirty. Guess it needs to hit the laundry....... The fireplace (tell me.....who NEEDS a fireplace in S. Texas???? I ask you! Was the designer of these homes playing a cruel joke? What a waste of space!!!!) On the left is a semi-antique sewing box and the right my coil platter.

This is my poor unadorned other couch. Poor thing....it's naked!

Plus we have the table and lamp.

Looking at these photos it seems so disjointed but as a whole it all comes together and works.

I keep saying that DH is such a good sport when it comes to my habit. Our livingroom really proves that point.


Jen said...

Morah, that idea of backing your tablerunners with hanakuah fabric for instant decoration is GENIUS!!! I loved your tour, It was nice to see your home.

True friends, are the friends you don't have to clean for and don't mind your dirt. =)

Regina said...

Looks like you need to make another quilt for the other couch!

The backing idea on the table runners is just so smart!!!

Jane's Blog said...

Love all your quilts and we had the same plaid couch in blue!!!

The Calico Quilter said...

When I read your line about backing your runners with holiday fabric you could probably hear the "ping" in my brain all the way over in Texas. It's genius! I have got to start doing that. I was actually thinking about making reversible wall hangings for the quilt rack in my hall, so that one quilt would do double duty for seasonal decoration. Using a neat themed panel for the backing is even better. Thank you!


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