Friday, August 01, 2008


It 's so funny that I should read this post and this one on dying irons. My iron doesn't seem to be getting as hot as it should be and I am wondering "WHAT IS IT WITH ME AND IRONS!" I read the comments on Joyces' blog and see that people use their irons for 2 YEARS!???!??? 4 YEARS!?!?!!??? 5 YEARS!!!!??? There is no way that an iron lasts that long around here. I drop it...and drop it...and drop it.... (My decreasing hip size HAD helped curb the "oops I bumped the ironing board syndrome" but the way my weight is ...ahem....fluctuating, this type of iron demise may be returning!), they stop heating and generally go kaput! So HOW IN THE WORLD DOES ONE GET AN IRON TO LAST 2 YEARS...4-5 YEARS! Don't even get me started on the whole, "I need a Rowenta iron," scam. Yeah, it's a great iron....if you like buying new ones for lots of money! Plus, they can't go the distance with MY hips! Cheapo irons seem to last as long but they don't have the weight to press. So I am going to have to go shopping AGAIN for ANOTHER iron. BIG BIG SIGH! (I sure do seem to be sighing alot lately.) The bigger problem is I will need to explain to DH when he sarcastically calls out to me while ironing a shirt..."Another new iron?" Or answer the inevitable question...."My mom had the same iron our entire life. How do we have a new one every time I look?" (Did I ever mention that DH fancies himself a comedian? You can imagine how funny I think he is most of the time! LOL!)

What I really think I'll ask for for Hanukkah this year is a fireplace added to my sewing room. That way, I can buy one of these off Ebay and it will NEVER break!


Suzan said...

Here's my 2 cents on irons. If you want a big, heavy one - look at yard sales. It may only last you a couple of years but at $2 who cares? Also, those big heavy ones don't usually have the auto shut off so you don't have to bang your head when you go to press and the darn thing is cooled off! BTW - Rowenta irons are notorious for having "leaking" issues after a couple of years.

Joyce said...

I saw a like-new one last year in a thrift shop and didn't buy it because DH commented "how many irons do you need anyway?". The answer is lots of them because they don't make them the way they used to. They used to be a once in a lifetime purchase but not anymore. I'm going to get my grandsons to take my old one apart to see what was wrong with it.
I dont' drop many of them but they are on for several hours a day so maybe a few years is not that bad in hours used. I need a speedometer on mine or a time clock.

paula, the quilter said...

I've got a couple of those old ones like in your second picture. Plus the rest for it. The one without the handle makes a great impromptu hammer. *grin*

The Calico Quilter said...

Have you tried T-Fal irons? Mine is over 8 years old and the best one I have owned - weighty enough to press well but not wear you out, good steam output, no sputtering, and it just keeps going and going. It wasn't expensive and came from Sam's Club. I have no idea if the new ones work as well. Perhaps a commenter has bought one recently and can tell you if they are still a good buy.


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