Friday, August 01, 2008

Must be Pet Peeves day!

Amy at CalicoCat was justifiably complaining about giving a wedding gift in Dec not receiving a thank you. Well, let me tell you, this is one of my biggest peeves.....especially when it comes to family. Let's face it, if we are related, even a simple phone call would suffice. Right? Well, obviously not all people feel this way. A number of years ago, I made quilts or sewn projects for 3 of my four neices and nephews (all siblings). I happened to mail them while they were out of town so the box sat at the post office until they returned. I knew this was going to happen and promptly forgot about it. Three months later, I realized that I hadn't even received a call to thank me! I mean let's face it, I put alot of work in those projects. So, I called there just to see if they ever received the box. After all, the box could have been lost or stolen. SIL says to me "Oh yeah we got that box. Did you make those?" When I answered "yes," she replied, "Well, kudos to you!." No thank you . No, Shame. No aye, yae, yae, "You mean the kids never wrote those notes?" No nothing. Kudos to me! Pffffftt! Oh and did I mention that that was the first year my children received NOTHING from their Aunt and Uncle? Ohhhhh mad doesn't begin to describe me! Well, that year I agonized about sending gifts. Finally, I decided that it was not the childrens fault that their Mom & Dad were nincompoops and I sent gifts. When my girls again didn't receive gifts, I realized that I was the nincompoop!

Well, one of the same nieces graduated High School this year and I I send a gift that is unappreciate? Is it her fault? I called MIL and found out that these kids don't even thank Grandma & Grandpa for gifts!!! CAN YOU IMAGINE!!!!????? How tough is a phone call!!????

How can Auntie expect a thank you if Grandma & Grandpa don't get one! After a bit of deliberation with MIL, I came to the conclusion that I needed to send a check whether or not I receive a thank you. (it seems that not only do they not thank you but they also don't cash checks! MIL justification? Ya' just don't know if they will even cash the check or not!!!!!!!) So I sent the check. All in all it isn't the child's fault for not being taught manners.

All that being said, and ranted, I sure do hope the Mrs. S and Ms. A really sent all those thank you's I told them to send for their Bat Mitzvah and Graduation gifts!!! I sure don't even want to ASK them the answer to that question!!!


Clevelandgirlie said...

Isn't it pathetic how our generation is raising their kids? I don't totally agree with you regarding the fact that the kids should "know" enough to say thank you -- because feeling grateful is an emotion and you don't have to be taught that. But if kids don't do it on their own - it's our job to make sure they do the right thing. I could go on and on about this as I was a high school English teacher!!
Thanks so much for the info on the Ohio fabric. I have bookmarked you and will be visiting often. I'm getting ready to head up to Cleveland from North Carolina in October - through Amish country and up to Lake Erie with my little girl. A mom and daughter "road trip". Can't wait. Do you know of any great quilt shops along the way - or any quilty happenings in October?

Gina said...

That's awful. But it's not just kids. Mal has an aunt who always goes on about the lack of manners today. When we gave her a gift for her birthday dud we get a thank you. Of course not. It seems manners are just for other people.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Esteemarlu said...

Oh my can I relate to everything in your post. I once gave all my aunts and uncles small quilts for Christmas and I doing it knowing that I probably wouldn't hear from all of them but a few years later when I asked one of them if she still had the quilt I gave her she said no because she had loan it to one of the kids she baby sat and the mom never returned it. I've made it a point to not give anything that cost me lot's of work to someone who doesn't appreciate something that's handmade.Usually, if they don't do anything handmade they won't appreciate it because they don't know how much work and passion who's into something handmade.

The Calico Quilter said...

I have a nephew who lives in Germany with his family. You can guess how much it costs me to ship birthday and Christmas gifts to his children. Do I get a thank you letter? Are you kidding? It's beyond irritating, but I don't blame the kids. It's the parents who exasperate me.


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