Thursday, August 14, 2008


We do not own a truck. Sometimes I feel as if we are the only Texans driving regular ordinary cars! When we went to the shop to rent the kayak the first time, I thought the guy would fall over when he saw the little car we wanted to use to transport the kayak! It seems like good stiff wind and wiiinnnnnnnnnnngg, we may be airborne! Especially since we need to cross a big ole high bridge! However, not to worry, it works just fine.

Here is DH assembling all the junk. You really cannot take too much stuff with you on these things. There is not a whole lot of room.

This is one of the canals we went down the first time we kayaked. This picture is taken at the "dead end." All of the houses in this area are on canals. See the big boat on the right. Can you imagine owning it! We were dwarfed in our little kayak. This is a picture, far away, of the bridge we crossed to launch the kayak. I was trying to take a shot to show that we were in the middle of nowhere...water wise that it. It is amazing because when you are out there you realize that you have noone and nothing but yourself and your arms to get you back. On the right of us were islands but they are bird sanctuaries. You cannot land there. The left side has houses but is waayyy over there.
This shot was the second time we went out. I was trying to show how far we were from the car. (later when we got home, I measured on the map approximately how far we went. We went out about 2 miles before turning back. We actually paddled further than 2 miles because we went in and out of the islands.) If you look dead center you see a taller thing on the horizon. That is approximately where our car was parked.
Just a picture of one of the bird reservoirs. I tried to get a shot of the cranes or pelicans but they refused to cooperate. As a matter of fact, we got too close to one island and the seagulls were NOT happy with us.
DH....he may not look too happy but was having fun. He gets annoyed with my blog photos. I also think he gets immense pleasure out of looking rough and tumble in pictures. It never works. He just manages to look PU'd! That is why I love this shot of us so much! (scroll down to nearly the bottom of the link to see)

The best we could get of me. It would have been rather difficult for DH to run to the front of the boat to snap the picture! Although, the first day we went, other than the canals, we never left knee deep water...............................
......................which is evident here. DH is pulling me into deeper water. The combo of our big backsides and shallow water and we ran aground! You can see how shallow it is. Too funny! The great boaters in ankle deep water! I returned the favor the next time we went out and got stuck on rocks. Let me tell you it wasn't easy.

How does one end a long day of kayaking? *ok, ok, 2 hours of kayaking! Why at the dockside restaurant. This is thirsty business!


Sweet P said...

Great photos! You'd never get me in a kayak though. It's just too tiny for me.

Gina said...

What great photos. It would never work for us though as Mal gets seasick in the bath.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Elaine Adair said...

My word - how adventurous you both are! It looks mighty BIG and LONESOME until you ran aground! LOL. But you WERE very far from your car and land safety!

Greenmare said...

it looks like fun! My honey and I do that with a canoe because his kayak is just built for one. ;-( maybe next year I'll get my own kayak.

hunnybunny said...

Oh my gosh I LOLd your car in Texas story! When Mr. Bunny was stationed in AK we got a big SUV for the four wheel all wheel drive (can you tell I don't drive?) AND to fit in all the car seats, because at the time we had three and they were not fitting in the car. No one gave us a second look there, now back East in the city. Ooh you would think were were criminals, with our gigantic truck that is impossible to park, and difficult to maneuver here. LOL Every area has there own socially accepted vehicles, I swear.
Now about that kayaking, that looks like so much fun!!! Are you guys going out again soon, even if it's just for the "after party". Was it your first time? Sorry I just find that so cool, since we've had the kids we have a growing to do list of adult only things and you absolutely bumped kayaking to the top of mine.
ps I love how deep it looked, you could have totally gotten away with it.

Linda said...

Great Photos!
Me & my girls just went kayaking a couple of weekends ago! Your car reminds me of mine (I posted a pick on my blog) although I somehow managed to get 2 kayaks ontop of our small stationwagon. Gotta do whatcha gotta do!! :)


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