Monday, November 17, 2008

Pictures from Saturday

Isn't this a cute little print!!! The girls said I need to take this and make it for my first grandchild.

Another little kiddie print.

Look at the top fabric. I love it. The rest is just ho hum stuff but good fillers.

A few of the 40 blocks. These are mostly hand sewn and sooo , soo, uneven. The seams run from 1/2" to 1/16th of an inch. You must enlarge the photos to see the fabric combos.
Look at the bottom right block.

Look at the block with the pink and red outer triangles. The triangles are pieced.

Enlarge this one and look at the middle bottom. The lower left triangle is pieced.

These stars are hand pieced also.


Vicki W said...

Those are some nice treasures! I am sure the are all happy in their new home! I'm not sure I would have bought those blocks home though - but I am trying to get my own great-grandmother's blocks into something usable!

Sweet P said...

Great fabric finds from Saturday! Congrats!

The Calico Quilter said...

I was amused at your pictures of the pieced patches. Sometimes, seams happen! Haven't you ever had to do something "creative" because while cutting out the final patches for a quilt you realized that you don't quite have enough fabric? The blocks made me smile because they reminded me of old quilts made before quilting became a hobby and was still a life skill. They are the embodiment of "use what you have" and they are beautiful for it.


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