Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So Much to say

I don't even know where to begin.......

Ok, let's start with Houston. If you judged by my checkbook, it was a blast!!!! I will probably revisit the quilt show theme more than once but let's start with my checkbook! I have been, as my friend says, gritching over my table for a long, long time. Well, I finally bought this one. I had looked at the Janome table (I sew on a 6600) but this one had an optional extension table. Uhm....did I say optional? This table is not the most beautiful table out there. Let's face it, the cabinets that run in the thousands of dollars are beautiful , BUT, and this is a biggy, this table has an adjustable height for those of us that are not the standard 5'4"! The owners of this company were very, very, very nice. I just can't say enough about them. Trade shows are exhausting and they were perky and friendly each time I visited their booth (I kept taking all of my friends back to show them my new baby!) I am waiting on pins and needles today because if it shipped exactly on time and all of the stars aligned, I may get it today.

Next checkbook depleter.....thread! I bought some of the Brytes by Superior. I've already used it and am in love. I love the thickness of it. I also bought PolyQuilter thread. I cannot wait to try it.

I also bought fabric from my favorite quilt shop and designer, School House Quilts, Judie Rothermel. I bought not one but 2 fat quarter bundles of the Lancaster line. Pictures later.
I bought this specifically to make a quilt for my bed.

I also got a new phone and in my infinite wisdom thought the camera on it would be enough for pictures of quilts.....Wrong! I will try to get them off the camera and see how they look.

Thats all for now.....


Elaine Adair said...

Oh, good for you! Your excitement is coming through the Internet right to my desk!

Enjoy your new desk -- it will make your sewing so much more efficient.

Mary said...

I've always like Polyquilter thread - it runs well in my machine.


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