Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The new way to wake up

4:30 am - wake up for apparently no reason. Lay there pretending to be asleep

4:37 am hear a soft meow

4:45 am coffee pot begins grinding and brewing (someone didn't adjust the timer to "fall

back!"). The grinder sounds like a wood chipper at 4:45 am!

4:46 am cat begins walking over my head

4:47 am cat stops moving but PURRS like a lion in my ear.

4:48 am cat crawls back over my head, settles in in between my face and arm and and allows

me to breathe in cat hair, all the while shoving its nose in my face

4:49 am doze

5:10 am wake to cat licks on my arm

5:30 am sigh, give in and get up and feed the cat
7:43 am already cleaned and scrubbed the pantry,drank coffee, washed new set of dishes,
drank coffee, cleaned out the fridge, drank coffee..... all while the CAT NAPPED! Poor
bubella musta been tired after waking so early! Crimmeny!

.......I'm in deep, deep trouble here........


Suzan said...

Just be thankful it didn't start at 3am. That's when my cat wants me to get up. I try to sleep until 4am or so but then give in, make coffee and begin my day. She eats and then has the NERVE to crawl back on my bed and sleep the rest of the morning!

Vicki W said...

She's probably tired because it's taken her so very long to get you trained properly! LOL!

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful. My goodness you're a great story teller.

The Calico Cat said...

Now that sounds familiar - excpet that mine started at 1 this morning... & he is so subtle. I am not sure exactly what he does, bu tit would make your woodchipper sound like it is on mute in comparison.

tami said...

Oh this is so funny because it is so true.

Norma said...

I love the crawl on your head part.....been there, done that. There is nothing like waking up to a tail tickling your nose.

Great story.......I take it she has moved into the house at night? One step at a time kitty, one step at a time! By the way, I made flannel kitty print squares for her favorite chairs........so believe me, it is coming.

Gina said...

Instead of cat substitute the word big black labrador and you'll know how my day starts. EVERY DAY

love and hugs Gina xxx

The Calico Quilter said...

Her maneuvers to wake you actually sound pretty gentle. If I don't move fast enough when Molly first asks for breakfast, she starts running across the bed, and thus across us too. Jump onto the bed, on me, on him, on the bed, off the other side. Over and over. It kind of smarts when she lands full force on you - she weighs 12 lb. We call it "trampolining". A purr in the ear and a lick? That's lightweight stuff!

Susan said...

I love your sense of humor. =) This is why the bedroom door is closed with the cat *outside* the bedroom.

Millie said...

You are learning what it is like to be trained by a cat. They find this infinitely amusing. The going line is, "there is no snooze alarm on a cat who is hungry."

I had one cat who could wake me up from a dead sleep by meowing outside the bedroom with the door firmly closed. She really had a good set of lungs.

Good luck.


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