Friday, May 25, 2007


Beauty, physical good looks that it, is such a strange thing. In the eye of the beholder, individual, unique. Isn't it odd how when it comes to beauty in people, even the oddest looking person becomes quite attractive once you know their personality. Many, many years ago a "friend" told someone that my then fiance' was "ugly." I on the other hand thought he was quite handsome. Our inside person somehow projects outward to influence our physical being. (No my husband is not odd looking. The sentences just followed one another!) How many times have you met an outwardly attractive person only to discover that their physical beauty fades once you know the inside person....and visa versa. Maybe if we all believed that we were beautiful and stopped getting caught up in the physical; hair, nails, body size, we could more readily project our inner beauty. But more importantly, when we might believe in our inner beauty and let the outside shine!

Nature on the other hand lucky. Beauty just is. A vase of blooming flowers. (No, DH is not being romantic! Heaven forbid! LOL! These are from a student.)

Fresh tomatoes? Beautiful! Tomatoes that taste sweet and luscious. A dear friend gave me these yesterday and mmmm......I haven't had fresh tomatoes since living in Ohio.

Mango's growing bigger daily. Just a gorgeous sight. The promise of the sweet fruit. Hopefully they won't all fall off the tree during the bad weather that is projected to be here this weekend.

Beauty has been on my mind quite a bit lately. Inside and outside, physical vs. internal beauty. No conclusions, no profound findings. Just that you have to believe that you are beautiful to actually BE beautiful.


Patti said...

What a very wise woman you are Morah!

Elaine Adair said...

You are so right! A person becomes beautiful, or ugly if that is their personality!

Happy long weekend.

Nancy said...

A thought-filled post, Morah. You've got me thinking.

Our book group just read "On Beauty" by Zadie Smith. None of us liked it, so it made for excellent discussion. You might find it interesting -- there were two characters deemed to be beautiful. One was just on the outside; inside, she was not. The other HAD been beautiful in her younger days but had gained much weight and so her beauty had become questionable. She was lovely inside, thought.


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