Monday, May 21, 2007


Sheesh! It was so simple. A matter of putting in my internet options! I was there a million times but didn't realize what webpage to enter! Thanks to Amy,Floribunda, & Pam for simultaneously sending me the answer. It is so much nicer to not have to log in each and every time!

Here's a picture of Ms. A! Does she look happy or what!?
(I could have beaned her. She forgot to order all the paraphernalia that was supposed to go around her neck. Yes, I'm bragging....she worked nearly full time, had no family around her, was in two wrecks, a terrible relationship and still managed a 3.9 GPA!) She had a job interview today and called me. "Mom, I think I got a job." What do you mean "think" I ask. "Well, he gave me a W4." Yup child. You got a job! Actually, it's a second job. She will be interpreting for two services. Interpreting for the Deaf that is. She is still uncertified but hopefully she has pass her English proficiency test and will then be able to take her certification test. For all of you with teenagers that are wondering if it will ever does. They come to their senses and all is well in the world.
School is out tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


KCQuilter said...

What a wonderful accomplishment!!! Congrats to both your daughter and you!

Patti said...

Best wishes to your daughter as she embarks on a new stage of her life. Looks and sounds like she had both feet on the ground and a level head. You have a right to be proud!

gledwood said...

Yup, it's that time of year. School's out. And big congratulations all round!
I was v down today so thought I'd go blog-surfing to cheer myself up. Pressed the Random Blog - and here you are! I feel better already. This is a most absorbing site you've got here. I'm a blogger too... You're welcome to drop by mine if you like - gledwood2.blogspot - is the address: my online journal. I've been collecting funny video clips. Throwing Pies at Flies is my movie of the day. Has to be seen to be believed! Keep up the great blog, see you later maybe ...
All the best
"Gledwood Vol 2"

Susan said...

Good for your daughter! She must have a lot of drive. It's so nice to be proud of them, isn't it?


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