Sunday, May 06, 2007

Six Month old pictures

I realized that I never posted pictures of my Mrs. S's wedding. It was a simple, lovely day. It is hard to believe that she has been an old married woman for 6 months now.Left to right are Ms. A, Me (thought it was about time to post a picture of myself) Mrs. S, Mr. Fancypants (he got his name after he found my blog, with no information, in about 3.2 seconds!), and DH.

Is this a happy bride or what. This is the face that convinced me that getting married was the right thing for this child to be doing. I've never seen her glow like this before. It was magical !

I just found this photo and love it. It is so hard to let go of our children. She said that she wasn't nervous or anything until we left her at the end of the aisle. You can see that I am holding her visibly, but her dad is holding her too. He is still holding her hand. Just like us. Mom, loud, visible, holding tight. Dad, quiet, steady, solid and always there. Not nearly as visible but every bit as necessary and balancing. Lovely shot. (If you look at Mr. Fancypants head you can see one of the million kippot that we made. They match the chuppah.)

I used to wonder what in the world I would do with my children once they were no longer toddlers. I've found that I love "having adults." Once in a while they revert back to children and I go back to being Mom, but for the most part they friends. I enjoy being with them and the strangest thing is they enjoy being with me!! Strange, wonderful, delightful feeling. Mrs. S. and I watch silly American Idol every Tues. and Weds. It's where we bond! We talk on the phone after every performance; critiquing, making fun, praising...then quickly hang up and listen to the next singer. Sometimes the performance is so fantastic or horrible that we don't even make it through the song before the phone is ringing again. One week neither one of us called the other until half way through the show. I finally called her and she said, "Gosh, I thought you were mad at me for something! Why didn't you call?" I love being friends with my girls. It is a part of parenthood that I never considered or expected. I never thought beyond their childhood. That was probably why I had such a difficult time with my empty nest! Now that I've discovered that my nest just has annexes...all is well!


Sweet P said...

What a beautiful family and how nice to put a face to your name. Adult children are wonderful, aren't they? I love hearing them say things about being married that I thought I would never from them. I think my favorite from my son so far is, "It's hard to adjust to sleeping with someone every night."

Quilt Mommy said...

Awww - your post just makes me tear up! I have two little girls, and you give me hope! My oldest is going into Kindergarten this fall, and I often wonder what I will do when they grow up too! But what a warm thought of what the future might hold for me and my girls... :)

Your little girl looks beautiful and so happy! How lucky she is to have such loving parents. :)

TJ said...

I just love how you explained your bond with your daughter...very well said...My daughter and I watch Am Idol long distance and we are each other best friend....Thanks for posting your Daughters wedding pics...Toni


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