Tuesday, May 01, 2007


We have been talking and planning. We started a group called Strips and Strings- A Heartstrings Project. We've actually met once or twice but still didn't finished a thing! We meet once a month at the Jewish Community Center to work on charity string quilts. We decided to work on one quilt at a time. As the quilts are finished they are assigned to a member and she has the choice of where to donate it. She is also in charge of the backing, batting and quilting. After many delays and slow starts we finished our first top today. WHoo HOo! Since it is mine, noone may see it until it is quilted! Because we are being housed at the JCC I needed to abide by some of the suggestions made by the director. She wondered if we could open it up to crochet and knitting enthusiasts. I told her of course as long as they commit to donating their project to a worthy cause. So far the only ones participating are my own friends but hopefully the community will come out and help us to create and donate quilts. I'm looking forward to practicing machine quilting on this quilt! First I need to finish the bazzillion fruit slice table runners and placemats that I've started.

I managed to get pictures of two ....cutting and ironing. The sewers were working too hard to take time out for a photo!
The fence is nearly finished. I took a picture looking through the patio to the saw horses. I wanted to show "work in progress" but the guys kept walking back and forth. I had to jump into the doorway really quick to snap a picture. Sometimes we look like nuts getting just the right shot for our blog!!!! Those pickets are the last of them (along with the open space) to be attached. It looks great and hopefully they will finish tonight! HEE HAA! No more broken teeth fencing!


Susan said...

What a wonderful group you have helped create. I hope the community comes out in support.

Did your fence get finished? Hope so!

Mary said...

I love idea of the HeartStrings Quilt project expanding into individual quilting groups. I can't wait to see your groups first quilt!

Quilty bird said...

I bought the magazine with the fruit slices just for that pattern/idea. I scrolled down to see yours. They are so cute! No...must..not..start..another...project...


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