Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Ah! I'm as bad as the kids! It feels great yet sad to be done with this year. This was my last year as a teacher with a single class. Next year I start a new chapter in my life. I will be running the Judaic program in our school. Instead of having one class, I will see every child in the school. I'm so worried. I'm not afraid that I can't do it. It's just going to be very different. More on these anxieties over the summer!!!

The assistants in our building are very young. Last week I told one of them that I was going to go home and listen to Alice Cooper (School's Out for Summer. I wasn't really going to listen to Alice Cooper, I was just trying to reference to the song!) She said, "Who's Alice Cooper?" AHHH! I nearly died. I did something that only a mom, dad, grandma or someone much older can do! I made a reference to something that was way before her time! I told her to Google the answer! Luckily my own children, who are the same age as the assistants, knew who Alice Cooper was, what he did for a living a the song I was referencing! I felt somewhat mollified but with my birthday being next week, I was feeling extremely old!


Tracey said...

Last day of school? in our little town in CT, the last day of school is June 26th!

LOL about the Alice Cooper thing. Last year, my DD's dance class was dancing to a song by New Kids on the Block and I explained to her that it was something that was popular when Mom and Dad were in college...and she said to me, "oh, so those guys are dead?"!!!!! Yeah kid, thats right, Dad and I are older than rocks.

Diana said...

Yay, Morah! You made it! I have two more days--sigh.

Susan said...

Yay, summer! I loved that feeling! Of course, now that I'm retired, every day is summer and I love never having to get up at the crack of dawn, prepare a lesson plan, or teach an inservice. =)

Your new job sounds like it will be so much fun!

Jeanne said...

You're out early! Enjoy your vacation. I could hear Alice Cooper singing the song while I was reading your post.

Su Bee said...

One day at work I mentioned that Alice Cooper would be playing near us soon, and a young fella trying to make points cried - "Alice Cooper? I LOVE her!"
Yep - older than dirt.

Patti said...

That happens to me more and more when I'm teaching new employees at the credit union. First they were the same age or a little younger than my children. It was a shock to realize that the new tellers we are hiring now could have been my grandchildren if we and the kids had all started our families in our very early 20's instead of late 20's and early 30's.


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