Monday, May 21, 2007

Finished! : ) Wish I was Finished! : (

I finished my guild challenge! I made it over sized and then trimmed it down after quilting. I was a bit disappointed because I then lost all the quilting!! The size you ask? 3"X4"! The challenge was to make a finished quilt that fits into a name tag! I lost my tag so I called the organizer of the challenge. She measured the empty tag and told me 3"X4." After I finished the tag, quilted, cut and bound the thing to the exact measurement I found my little plastic name tag thingy. Guess what??!! It IS 3X4 on the outside. In order to fit a quilt inside it needed to be 2 7/8 X 3 7/8. Oh it fits inside the tag but the tag doesn't lie flat.
I figure that the rules never said anything about it needing to be flat. It just needed to be inside the tag! I would love to win!

I wish I were finished with nightmares. I have what I call nightmares. They can happen in the daytime or nighttime. Mostly it's just a thought. It's always the same. It can be so bad that I refuse to go back to sleep. During the day I nearly hyperventilate if the thoughts cross my mind. I'm not going to go into what it is that sets me off into overdrive because this is not the forum. But, I wish I could just sleep at night without waking up so scared and ready to scream! It's the most difficult when DH isn't home and I wake up nearly hysterical. Although I rarely wake him up if he's home, I know he's here. But when I'm alone it is just that much harder to re-gain control. It wakes me up from a perfectly good sleep to haunt me. Usually that's when I get into trouble and eat. If I'm sleeping well, I can lose weight so much faster! So, it's 3:30 and tomorrow (or today), is our end of the year party. I must clean my room and get it almost completely shut down before I leave school, be nice to parents as they will be at the party and have slept 2 hours! Plus I look so lovely after 2 or 3 hours sleep. Fun!

I'm gonna hit publish post and try to sleep just a bit longer. If I can sleep, two more hours can't hurt.


Norma said...

That is one cute little quilt! I see that it fits inside the name tag holder! :)

Elaine Adair said...

I can identify with that name tag. My version is a scissors holder that should have turned out better than it did, all due to my own inability to measure straight, or cut str aight, or remember to bring my tools, or ....yah da yah da.

I am soo sorry you must deal with nightmares. Not fun - I've had my share, but life changes brought about end of nightmares. I still had hardly bear to remember them - difficult. I am thinking of you, and wish you better nights.

Patti said...

The little quilt is perfect - who cares if it's flat!

Have you talked to the doctor about this? You may have some sort of chemical imbalance that can be easily treated. I don't have what you describe - instead I suffered from bouts of deep depression. Learned it was a chemical imbalance, started taking a pill once a day and it's made all the difference in the world!

Susan said...

Cute little tiny quilt. =)

I'm sorry you are having these nightmares, even in the daytime. It seems one should be safe in the sunlight, doesn't it? Have you talked to a professional about them?


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