Saturday, December 08, 2007

Happy Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah!

It's been a busy, crazy, tension filled but successful week and a big YEE. HA. WHOO. HOO. My party is over and seemed to go well. We celebrated Hanukkah as a family (Ms. A came home overnight so we could be together as a family for one night of Hanukkah.) I managed to eat everything I shouldn't have and the instant 5 lbs. is showing on the scale (it's not real weight but it's annoying nonetheless.) BUT, with this week over, I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off of my shoulders! For the next week I have nothing to do but clean house, sew and get ready for vacation. I am so relieved.

I thought I'd share pictures we took on Weds. night. I might be prejudice but I really think I have the most wonderful family ever! We had so much fun opening gifts. We decided this year to only buy "what was within our means." In other words, I didn't want the girls going crazy on us. I really don't enjoy buying presents so it let me off the hook to go very simple this year. We have this thing about wrapping presents. We are always running so late that it doesn't get done....we don't like to waste the paper... and generally we are lazy. Many years ago we began to use "instawrap." Instawrap is grocery bags, reused gift bags proclaiming the wrong event (happy graduation on Hanukkah, etc.), anything that will cover the gift but isn't' wrapping paper. We get really silly with this sometimes. One year for my birthday, DH used a Hanukkah gift bag, undies as tissue paper and a lighter as a candle on my cake! It made for a great scrapbook page!!!! This year we hadn't planned on getting together as a complete family at all. On Mon. Ms. A called and said she'd be home Weds. It was a mad dash. Actually, I already had a box to mail to her ready to go but dinner and everything else was crazy! We didn't even eat until 8:30 because Mrs. S is in school. None of us wrapped our all! Mrs. S put my gift in a Bath and Body works bag, I didn't even put a bow on the luggage I bought her and Mr. Fancypants and Ms. A put Mrs. S's gift in a bag and used a bed pillow as the tissue! We had a blast! We had to keep running out of the room to get the next gift! The gifts couldn't be in one room....nothing was wrapped! Fun, fun, fun~~~Chaotic to some....just plain family for us!
Since beginning this this morning, DH took me shopping. He bought me a docking station for my mp3 player and a new chair for sewing! I have no excuses left. Expect a quilty post tomorrow!

Happy Hanukkah to all of my Jewish friends and to those of you that celebrate Christmas, hang it there! Santa will be here very soon!!


Elaine Adair said...

Such a nice story, lovely family memories, etc., and I LOVE both the idea of 'not wrapping paper' and recycling, and the use of ridiculous wrappings!

We used to have a Mobile TV antenna that was circulated around the family. NO ONE had a TV in their car back then - heck, we were lucky to have a CAR! But that TV antenna moved back and forth through numerous gift-giving celebrations! Thanks for the memory jog.

Susan said...

Happy Hanukkah! I love your family fun - it sounds perfect! And a vacation, too, what wonderful stitching you can do with your new chair and lovely music. =)

I was invited to a friend's Hanukkah celebration this evening, and have been thinking of her all afternoon and evening. I couldn't go since we had company this afternoon. We've had seder at her house before and enjoyed it greatly.

Nana's Quilts said...

Mazeltov (sp?) It sounds like you had a terrific time - such fun when the grown up kids come home and just enjoy everyone. My Wash, DC son and wife are coming here for Christmas and I'm excited. (this is the other Washington)

Joy and Peace to you all.

atet said...

Happy Hanukkah to you! What a fun celebration. As for us, only 13 more days 'til Santa gets here. The 2 yo can't wait!


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