Monday, December 31, 2007

The best present

Like any good quilter, I have bought and received many pin cushions. Being somewhat anal, I use different cushions for different pins. ( I see I've mixed a few up on this pincushion!) The chicken used to be my favorite. He sits next to me while I sew.I got this one in a secret sister exchange and love it also. It sits next to my design wall so my pins, or at least not quite as many, don't hit the floor. It is a folded star shaped into a pin cushion.
This pin cushion is also a trash container. I have a fancy pattern for one of these things and have every intention of using it.....someday! In the meantime, I used a child's blue jean pant leg, a bag with flour and whatever else I stuffed in there, and a few straight pins and VIOLA' a fancy schmancy pincushion/trash container. This guy has been moved and now sits to my left when at my machine. That way if I decide to throw thread away left or right (trash can) it doesn't hit the floor quite so often.
I even own the requisite tomato pincushion. This guy sits on my cutting table or ironing board. I also have another holding only safety pins but didn't take a picture of it. But BY FAR the best pin cushion I now own is from my nephew SportsGuy. He chose it himself at his schools "buy secret gifts for your family" shop. ( I have no idea what it's called) Don't ya just love it! It now holds all of my needles so I don't have to wreck my eyes searching my bazzilion of other pin cushions!

It came filled with thread, needles (which will soon be on the pin cushion), safety pins and buttons! Cool huh!Bet you all wish SportsGuy was your nephew after seeing such a cool gift! This one is going to sit on my shelf with all of my other hand sewing things. The next time I need to find just the right sized needle I will know exactly where to look!

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kjquilts said...

I am so glad to know I'm not the only one who keeps pins separated and on special pincushions! What a kids make fun of me and sometimes mix my pins up just to tease me!

I have one of those pincushions made out of a bottle cap with elastic that goes around your finger. I use this one for my design wall. I just slip it on my finger when I am pinning blocks up. Then when I am done, I just hang it on one of the pins stuck into the wall.


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