Tuesday, December 18, 2007


See my new banner??!! Cool huh! Both the banner and the fact that I am
A. old enough to have been married 25 yrs
B. young enough to be enjoying the next 25 yrs
C. lasted this long
D. haven't killed DH
E. haven't been killed by DH
F. still love him
and MOST importantly
G. HE still loves me!

Lost another 1.5 lbs. just in time to go and celebrate with family!!! Whew! Hopefully the scales won't be too tilted when I get home! Didn't quite make it to where I wanted but that will NOT stop me. Look out Pizza Oven!

Haven't touched my last borders on my quilt. I have however been trying to cut circles with the Easy Circle Cut by EZ Quilting. This has been an expensive little experiment. THe 45 mm rotary cutter (common size one, not the very large one) doens't work with the 2 & 3" circles. Bought an 18 mm.....too shallow of a cut with the template. Bought the 28 mm.....eehhh! (said like Aunt Janice when being asked how the pie tastes). It works but not so good. Suggestions?????

Since I can't seem to cut circle quickly for yo-yo's, I'll be working on a stitchery. My goal is to finish it before I come home. I've done it before so I know it isn't impossible.

WHY do we need everything we own when we pack to go away!??? G-d forbid we should be without something!! Like I'm going to the wilds of Africa and there aren't stores if I forget anything!


Jen said...

Interesting...I use the olfa rotary circle cutter. That's not exactly the perfect choice either though. It took me about 300+ circles to get it down pat.

Shelina said...

Happy anniversary - a bit early. Congratulations on your weight loss. I hope you have a wonderful time in Ohio.

The Calico Cat said...

You've got SKILLZ!

no idea about the circles, I trace a plate/cup/quarter/random round object & cut with scissors

Susan said...

Happy anniversary - ours is today - who can believe all those years? =)

Anonymous said...

There is a special cutter that was developed for the circle ruler. It's made by E Z . It's purple and yellow. ask for it at your lqs or check them out online. It works ! It was introduced at Houston Market this year, but we were told about the developing of it last year. Good luck ! Glenda

Sweet P said...

I love your countdown clock. Almost happy anniversary!


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